Goody Ouchless Slim Headbands – Ergonomic Hair Have-to-Haves

I HATED headbands, not the elastic ones, I mean with all disdain the toothed wonders you fork towards the back of your head to keep hair out of your face or use to tie a look together.  I grew up tolerating many a plastic few but they all delivered gradual skull pain behind my ears and a no-fail migraine at the end of the day.  Honestly, I think the problem was either the shape of my head (it’s way too wonderful) or something about them just wasn’t ergonomic because they’d pop up over my head loose on top and tight where they ended.  I happened to stroll into my mother’s bathroom this afternoon on a hunt for some spare makeup remover and I didn’t realize ’til then that she bought these because they were on the counter.

As soon as I beheld these headbands I knew I could finally let go of my lifelong hate.  I asked Mom what brand they were and when she said “Goody” I had that twinkle in my eye and a *chime* sounded.

The Ouchless slim headbands are designed with ends that curve away from the areas behind the ears that tend to get sore and tender when pronged with regular headbands.

I’m sure these have been around for quite awhile.  I only just happened to come across them yesterday and I’m so glad they exist.  I’m sure I’ll own a few in the near future.  After researching online I estimate that a pair of these would cost about Php200+.



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  • Danna

    Hi Julia, I had the same problem with plastic headbands until I realized that they have different widths. What you should do is approximate the width that would fit your head while trying them on. Some headbands are too narrow, which is why they end up giving people migraines. Hope this helps.

  • Yes but Ive considered diff widths, and that still didnt work…it’s really the shape of my head

  • teenee

    omg ive had the same issue since forever! thanks for recommending this julia! will definitely try this out 🙂

  • Wendy Clark

    Where did you get them. I can’t find them anywhere.