In Fairness!! – NEW Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV, the Launch

I was happy to receive Neutrogena’s invitation to attend the unveiling of their latest skin angel, their Fine Fairness BB Cream UV base.  This new light, moisturizing, non-greasy, brightening protective skin base is now available at Watsons for Php575.00 which is discounted at 20% from January 26-February 22, 2012.  Soon after that it will return to the regular SRP of Php720.00.  So if you’re interested in trying Neutrogena’s New BB Cream now would be a good time to get it at nearly Php150 less than the original price :).  You know, this whole business about being “fair” has taken a funny turn in the sense that varied public opinions about whitening products often bank on the negative aspect of being fair or wanting to become fair in complexion.  Along with the main belief that many women in this country want to be fair in order to be considered beautiful (which we all know shouldn’t be the case naman) other people may generalize too quickly, and though it is true for many that is not always the case or context for some.  Here we are, the bloggers present at the Neutrogena event at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club and as you can see NOT all of us are stereotypically fair, but we all radiate together, being happy with who we are.

From Left : (The Beauty Bin) HerRoyalBleakness, ME, (Elegantly Wasted), Donna of MyLucidIntervals, Phoebe of phoebeann, Say of saytiocoartillero, and Helga of Ditz-Revolution

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In my case, being the medium-fair maiden I am, there are days when I want to look slightly “fairer” only because there are certain lipstick colors, clothes, earrings, or blush shades I own that look better on me when I’m fairer.  I love being with bloggers at events, it’s so much fun to mingle and discuss about different aesthetic passions.  Some of us hadn’t seen each other in awhile.

Since I once worked in digital production I know for sure that if I go to an evening event with a certain lighting setup there are times when being “fairer” is best to project more noticeably in photographs.  Truthfully, at the beach on the other hand, I don’t like being white or fair (duh) when wearing swimwear, because I’ll disappear on the shoreline against pale sand in photos.  I don’t excessively FUSS about what color I am on a daily basis (isn’t life hard enough already), I just take note about how I might look better in certain situations/locations/outfits and adjust accordingly…if it happens to cross my mind at all as a Makeup Artist.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream in itself is a moisturizer with a blemish corrector, UV Protection, and Stabilized Vitamin C, B3, and Phyto-Lily extract to encourage a gradual increase of fairness from within the skin’s surface.  For brightening coverage and UV protection it contains Mica and Titanium Dioxide.  There’s only one shade, but it’s a sheer product that evens out the skin tone.  Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this product for those with a skin shade deeper than a Medium Beige.  It’s that sort of a sheer coverage base.  The product curiously comes out a greyish beige cream with no shimmer and it feels oil-free but it doesn’t confirm that on the box.  Upon pearl sized application the Fine Fairness BB Cream  blends into the skin and adjusts without leaving a white cast ON ME.  I have been testing this for two days so a separate review shall grace this blog’s homepage soon, separate from this event post :).  Again, it’s currently available exclusively at Watsons for Php575 but only till Feb.22 when it returns to the regular SRP of Php720.  Yes, lady loves, another BB Cream by a BIG brand just joined the conga line of BB beauty!

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