Reblogging: Charlotte’s Shiny New Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow

Impossible not to share.  Simply impossible.  I thought nothing could get more luxurious than a Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry eyeshadow until  I saw Charlotte’s brand new purchase, a Kjaer Weis single eyeshadow *Faints*.  She blames Modesty Brown for making her get it LOL.

Photo by: Charlotte Thompson aka

Get the full post on Charlotte’s shiny new Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in “Wisdom”.  You can also go to the full review by clicking on her gorgeous photo.  The products, similar to Clarins in this trend, are created from natural, plant derived ingredients and advanced botanical formulations thus promoting “green beauty”.  If you go to the Kjaer Weis website you’re bound to be awestruck like I was because of the simplicity and smart design.

The range was put forth by Danish NY based Makeup Artist Kjaer Weis. These products are exquisite, they won a 2011 Wallpaper design award for “Best New Grooming Product”.  Oh, to hope for a gift like this, someday, somewhere.

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