The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms, A Film of Beauty Amidst Tragedy – Upcoming Tohoko Earthquake Anniversary

On March 11, 2012 it will have been one year since Japan wept as one because of the destructive tsunami that followed the 9.0 Tohoko Earthquake.  It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to hit Japan.  Miyagi, Sendai was the only place in Japan I went to as a student ambassador, I lived with them, I had a Miyagi shirt with me and we caught fish in nets along the same coast if I’m not mistaken that nearly swallowed the entire city.  It gripped my heart to see these people suffer while knowing also that I am part of them since I have a Japanese great grandmother.

“Even when a flower falls, we love it.  That is the heart of a Japanese person.”

UK Film Director, Lucy Walker put out a tender short film in the few months that followed the disaster, she instead chose to craft a film that focused on highlighting Japan’s resilient beauty amidst tragedy. Mom was trying to share this with me via email and I kept receiving it while on the go in my phone inbox but overlooking it.  I know now why she kept urging me to watch it. Pull your tissue box near you and watch this short but relevant and hopeful film which I embedded below, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms.  The film is now a 2012 Academy Award nominee for Documentary (short subject).


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