That Watsons Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Conditioner – The Acclaimed Shiseido Tsubaki Dupe Returns

Apparently, I missed out on the hype 8 months prior.  This was a Metro-wide phenomenon as far as I know.  Several beauty bloggers went a bit crazy over the discovery, after the Watson’s Beauty Lab event last year, that this Php199.00 Watsons Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner was a great  department store dupe for Shiseido’s Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner, I’m presuming they meant that one based on research.  Then to the dismay of the Conditioner’s hugely excited fanbase due to the spread of the hype the Pure Beauty hair care range sold out and it disappeared from shelves completely for several months.  Watsons did not replenish its stock of the line, until suddenly 3 days ago, my friend Kira of made a discovery at Mall of Asia, Pure Beauty Hair Care had silently returned.  She was so happy she bought 3 bottles on the spot (ooh, a happy camper!), and ahem, a day later I did, too.  I got one bottle for mom and two for me :).

The funny story behind Kira’s announcement is when we were together with other bloggers at an event a few days ago they all began talking about the awesome Conditioner that was. The conditioner is known for containing Camellia Seed Oil from Japan.  However, to make it clear the conditioner is NOT from Watsons Japan, it is made in Korea.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH IT:  The Pure Beauty Treatment conditioner is great also because although it isn’t an organic product it is Paraben-Free and SLS free (although the Pure Beauty shampoo in the silver bottle does contain SLS).  This is a white, smooth fluffy cream, which is your typical conditioner texture, and it smooths over the hair really quickly.  It’s got quite a silky kind of slip as you work it through your strands, if you call that “working” at all.  It’s not quite as hydrating and curl defining as the Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner which is still at the top of my Conditioner list (although I can’t purchase), but this Pure Beauty one definitely gives your hair that silky smooth shine and some definition.  The smell is a powdery, warm, slightly musky type.  I actually prefer brighter fresher scents when it comes to bath and body but I still consider it a pleasant scent.  It doesn’t give tons lot of volume and bounce but it doesn’t make my hair limp at all.  Overall I think this would be an EXCELLENT shampoo for girls with straight hair and wavy hair, for girls with extremely curly hair you may want to use a more hydrating shampoo before using this.

It was a consensus of yearning and in my case a protest of the hype that I missed out on.  I kept repeating myself “Isn’t there any chance they’ll bring it back?” and Kira shrugged her shoulders but said “Sana, I really wish they would.  When you go to Singapore, Julia, kukulitin kita, baka you can get for me…”.  Happy for my blogger friends and for myself that our conversation about it was heard out in the universe  and we were blessed as a result with the return of this well-loved product.  Who says God doesn’t listen in on girl talk? 🙂  I told Kira “Hey, maybe we should gather again and start talking about phased out products,” LOL.



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  • Hey Julia! Really can’t get over our conversation! Sana nga all the phased out products we talk about start to reappear magically, haha. See you again soon 🙂

  • Next to TIGI Bedhead’s Epic Volume, I’d say this is my favorite shampoo-conditioner combo, if I want gorgeous locks (unfortunately, they’re not organic nor anti-dandruff…I guess that would be asking too much). I just started using the yogurt shampoo and that Love serum thing from Davines and I really liked how my hair looked yesterday. But I think I’ll need to use this more for a better comparison. And I’ll get back to you guys on what I think is better, haha!

  • Issa

    this product looks promising! will check this out! thanks julia! 🙂

  • i love pure beauty! i got their black pearl toner, and its amazing! its not drying and the smell is not like those alcohol based toners,its amazing because aside from having sensitive- oily skin,it never broke me out. their make up remover too is amazing,the oily one is a bit heavy but it removes all of my waterproof make im using the water type,and its so much better than the first one. gotta check this at watsons tomorrow! don’t you just love korean products?!

  • d e v i e

    The shampoo works well too 🙂 I noticed less to no falling hair since I used this. Wala yung conditioner nung bumili ako sa watsons at the time, suprisingly malambot sya sa hair kahit walang conditioner 🙂 Nawala din yung sobrang kati sa ulo ko lalo na pag mainit. For those na malala yung falling hair at itch, I highly recommend this. Hopefully makita ko na yung conditioner version nito pagbalik ko sa Watsons 🙂