Ash Wednesday – A Year’s Wait in Regrowth

Last Wednesday I finally went for the recommendation of my cousin’s girlfriend and dyed my hair dark ash blonde, which is a cooler brown with a lesser  tendency to go brassy or orange, there still is a bit of warmth because of my natural hair but I’m glad my hair is no longer reddish brown.


People kept asking me since about August last year why I wasn’t recoloring my hair promptly, which I had first colored in April.  The regrowth at the roots had begun to show, although subtle coz my natural hair is super dark brown it was obvious coz I had golden highlights. This was my hair BEFORE I ever had it colored.


Ay, sorry…sumobra yung drag ko sa BEFORE timeline LOL. Well, the answer to why I delayed recoloring is I was still suffering from drastic hairfall, an overspill reaction after resigning from my hectic job last, last year. I had it before I colored it and it still wouldnt let up. After using a revitalizing serum for bout a month which has lessened my hairfall (yes, review soon) I started saving photos of Asian girls with ash blonde hair to show the hairstylist what I wanted to achieve.

Right now I’m also deciding whether I should return in a week to add tonal highlights (not streaks…or strips). I found this lovely random photo of an Asian girl who had lighter ash blonde tones added to her dark ash blonde hair.

Uber lovely however, I dont think I’ll ever go this light with my highlights, coz my skin is not as fair. What do you think, should I go for tonal highlights or leave it as is? By the way, sorry I can’t disclose who did my hair, it was a friend’s tip and she made me promise not to announce it to everyone since his talent was her “find” hehe, all I’ll say is the stylist is new, young, and very good at what he does and it isn’t a super high end salon. I’m a promise keeper so this is all I can share, I’m very happy with the results.

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  • Is that cutie patootie kid YOU??? SO adorbs 😀

  • I think you should try it 🙂 You never know, it might turn out better than you expected.

    I do like the color on that random photo, I think I’ll bookmark that for my future hair color. 🙂

  • The last photo seems ok with you..:)

  • Issa

    I’ll say go for it! I’m sure it will look good. 🙂

  • go for the highlights! =)

  • Hahaha you were a cute kid 😛 I think when we first met you’d already grown your permanent teeth in.