Exert More Girl Power – A’postrophe Tweezers and Nail Clippers Php59-75 Only

I’d never walked into A’postrophe before, that store on the 3rd level of Glorietta 4, until two days ago when I met up with Kira of kira-ramirez.com and Alex of Reluctant Stylista.  It’s not a new store, it’s been around for about a little over two years I estimate.  It’s a wonderland of knick-knacks and artsy-fartsy items that are not “corny” and neither are they the usual useless types of trinkets and/or “abubot”.  Essentially, it strikes me as a far more interesting gift shop than Tickles.  I saw these lovely ladies standing side by side in one row and thought they were too cute not to pick up, uh…I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, pun super not intended.  They come with many different stylish ladies, probably bout 4 or more for each tool, which I think are possibly mass mechanically “airbrushed” onto an enameled base over the steel and there are also nail files in the lot but I chose not to get one since my nail file at home works perfectly fine still.  These remind me of items by the European brand Pylones which I first saw years ago when I worked part time as a cashier in my Tita’s former Home Accessories shop in Hamburg, Germany.

There’s nothing like sparking the mediocre tasks you do with some charm and cuteness.  Clip your nails and tweeze your brows using these and psychologically ignite some girl power in you.  I thought that these lovely lady nail clippers and tweezers were an absolute “SDeal” at Php75 and Php59 and guess what, I already know what you’re thinking, that they probably don’t tweeze and cut well at all.  You know what…that’s where you’re wrong, both are heavy in make and tightly assembled and the ones I got function fabulously.  Read more to see the full post with my thoughts on these cutesy patootsies.

I got these two ladies because I liked their outfits and hairdos.  There was also a blonde lady in the bunch on the shelf.  I don’t know how many different kinds there were but it seems fun to collect the nail clippers in particular because of how cheap but pretty these are.

The designs on the nail clippers are better for me than those on the tweezers.  The ladies are more finely drawn and the quality of the “print” is slightly clearer than those on the tweezers.  The print quality is not “consistent” throughout all items so it’s best to sort through a few that might be slightly fuzzy or blurred in quality (see the tweezer on the right below).  I tested out both tools and the nail clipper is actually sharper or just as sharp as my Trim nail clipper, this is good.  Though I do wish that they had incorporated a design at the back of the clipper’s push lever it’s still fine by me since majority of the time clippers lie around locked down, not always open and ready for action.

What I like about the tweezers is that apart from them being the same size as Tweezerman tweezers they also put the lady design at the back and it’s really her back.  The tweezers come packaged with a little clear plastic ring grip at the bottom to keep the prongs together in transit, simply squeeze the tweezers to downwardly slip it off, then pull the prong tips apart gently to open it up.  If you don’t do this you might think for two seconds that you were ripped off having bought a pair of tweezers with unopened jaws, I panicked for half a second then came to the realization that I had to remove the grip.  The center of balance in the tool was great, more weight where you carry it (just about where her “hips” are) and I was able to pull out 4 hairs from my brow in a second and a half.  I’m almost convinced these were forged in a similar mold as Tweezerman brand tweezers simply because they work so well.

They’re an artsy design dream because they also remind me of the Russian Matryoshka Dolls and in my case they function just as well as the branded tools I’ve tried.  What’s left to say?  The tweezers cost Php75.00 and the nail clippers cost Php59.00 at the A’postrophe boutique on the third level of Glorietta 4.  Don’t you think they’re cute or are they too cheesy for some of you?  Just because these are so great are I’m putting one of each in my personal beauty kit, they’re a great talking point and add an inspiring touch to caring for your nails and brows on a regular basis.

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  • Mandy

    I think my mom has cuticle scissors from by the same makers of these items. The scissors are ok, not that great. But I’d love to get a hold of those tweezers, to keep in my handbag. I love my tweezermans and I’m happy to see a very affordable alternative to them. 🙂