Velour Cruelty-Free 100% Mink Lashes, Opening Promo – Luxe Lashes, Worldwide Free Shipping

The Canadian false lashes brand Velour, are certainly among the best of the best when it comes to luxury mink lash falsies, after seeing them used by Pro MUA Wayne Goss on his YouTube channel, I really have to agree with him.  Guess what, if you’re in for a tiny splurge, now’s the time because some of their best sets are on opening promotion sale at 50% off, and they’ve got bottom lashes, too like the Style Me Kardashian bottom lashes, “Kim Kardashian, need we say more?” which are on sale as well, I think they’re all 50% off actually.  These upper lashes are the  “T Dot Oooh!” pair.

“100% Mink

Mink fur offers a glamorous shine, soft feathery feel, and above all, a completely natural look.

Use up to 25 times

Lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper care. The shape and form of the lashes remain the same even after several uses.

Natural & lightweight

Super lightweight and flexible, allowing you to curl it just like real human hair.

Cruelty-free and sterilized

Absolutely no harm done to animals. Brushed from live mink and sterilized to ensure safe non-allergenic usage.

Easy application

The band of the lash is designed to make application much easier!”

These are luxe mink lashes so they’re not cheap, like for example the lashes (above photo)  that Wayne Goss used in his video embedded below (which I think would be beautiful on brides) will regularly retail scandalously at about US$60.00 when the sale ends (yea, I know…DUH, for LASHES),  BUT for a limited time they’re available right now at $29.99 so if you’ve got an extremely special occasion like your own wedding I think these lashes are worth the purchase RIGHT NOW while they’re on sale, plus worldwide shipping’s free, need I say more?  Watch Wayne’s video below where he applies a nice gradient smoky eye look on himself and finishes the look off with the lovely T Dot Oooh! falsies pair, to some of you, you might find that strange to watch, but I don’t.  To me, he’s a makeup artist and he’s demonstrating, he’s really good and is a real good friend of the Pixiwoo Sisters, Sam and Nic.


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  • Brig

    Please do more research before posting an article that claims something is “cruelty-free”. Velour has declined to post a list of where they get their mink fur from and their story about collecting it from zoo’s is highly suspect (how does that not sound extremely fishy to you?). Any company can claim they are cruelty-free since there is no universal law or process that they need to go through and many companies including Velour lie about the collection process.

  • Olena Yokos

    I hate to say this, but this particular pair of bottom lashes is not a miracle, but pure garbage! I don’t understand, how the manufacturer could let these on the market! What were they thinking? The bands are so flimsy, the lashes don’t hold onto them at all! All the lashes glued on in different directions, so there’s a total disarray – lashes are looking in random, opposite directions. There doesn’t seem to be an easy fix for that, because when I tried to fix them gently, all the lashes just fell right off!!!!! I really hate this product and want to toss it in the garbage right away. But I feel so cheated for my money with this lashes, that I made a point, to send this shitty product back, and leave a very bad review on each website, that sells Lash At First Sight! I’m so angry about these lashes!!! On the other hand, I don’t understand: the Kardashian bottom lashes have a strong band, the lashes don’t easily fall out and they all look in the same direction… Who sent me these crappy ones? Well, Thanks a lot! I am returning!!!