The Etude House BabyDoll Puff Blending Sponge – A Great Beauty Blender Dupe at Php375

That well-known Beauty Blender sponge that lots of MUA professionals swear by is way overpriced locally.  Here, it can cost up to nearly Php2000.00 at Rustans or other retail outlets.  When you factor in customs and importation tax fees and boutique rental fees it really makes all the difference in the price hike of that beloved sponge that actually costs only $19.95 or about Php900.00 in the U.S. online.  Over a month ago when I was on I spotted an extremely identical pink sponge in an adorable box and noted that it was by Etude House, a mega-Korean makeup brand.  I told myself then that I would have to pay that sweet dolly pink shop a visit ASAP to get one, but I never latch on to sudden yearnings like that unless it’s TRULY something necessary, so I became busy and forgot about it.  I had a few good reminders though in the last month, and I picked one up today at Festival Mall, Alabang (there’s also an Etude House in Megamall) knowing I’d need it, since I’ve already entered the realm of TVC industry makeup with the completion of my first shoot last week.  It’s the most adorable thing and that box, oooooh…that box, I tell you, is a really smart yet foolproof idea which leads you from point A to point B, point A=Awwww! to point B=Buy.

I remembered that I was looking for this when I recently worked with Lala Flores as a support MUA on the project team at a TVC shoot and she was using the original Beauty Blender which she absolutely loves to use but will only buy in the States because it’s cheaper.  Then my friend Martha, aka TheBeautyJunkee, also recently picked one up from Etude House Market Market and posted it.  Thanks for the reminder, Martha :).

As you can clearly see, it’s practically made from the same kind of dense foam as the beauty blender, only denser and ever so slightly firmer.  Read more to get the full post and all my first impressions on this cute Beauty Blender Dupe by Etude House.


The original Beauty Blender is a bit more “marshmallowy” in softness but it isn’t miles away at all from the make of Etude House’s BabyDoll sponge.

The bottom of the sponge is round enough to also ease product into the face’s shallow contours.  Of course its “Beauty Blender-like” signature pointy tip is for easy maneuvering of base product round about the nooks and crannies of your face, like around the nose beneath the corners of the eyes etc.  This won’t be an “application review”, all this is is a quick feature and quick comparison in form and feel.   This one below is the original Beauty Blender.

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I’ll test this out in another post but from what I can already tell and gather the BabyDoll sponge won’t work any differently than the original Beauty Blender.  Save for the fact that Etude House’s teardrop sponge has a “waist” they’re almost identical twins.  The sponge’s waist is suggestive of ease of handling and of course is there to ensure it’s never slammed with product infringement.  The density differs by only a fraction and that’s about it.

I find it funny that MY blending sponge visually has “vital stats” and is therefore somewhat “sexier” than the sponge that costs more.  The Etude House BabyDoll Puff blending sponge should be available for Php375.00 at all Etude House boutiques, the ones I know are at Festival Mall, Alabang, Market Market in Fort, Taguig, and at SM Megamall.  You can also keep yourself updated on Etude House news via their Facebook Page.


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  • This is cool! I’ll be looking forward to your review, I hope you compare it to the cosmetic sponge you bought before. The diamond-shaped one that comes in a pack of 4. If I remember right you bought it from a dollar-store (of sorts.)

  • Did Etude House in Megamall move to a different location? Their old one is under construction and beside it is another Korean beauty product store.

  • There’s also another one called Belle Madam by Beauty Look. My sister got it from Sasa in HK. It’s so cute that I never got to use it yet. It’s an all-in-one blender sponge.

  • Issa

    Awwww, this is soooo cute and sexy indeed! hihihi… can’t wait for your detailed review on this! Must really check this out! 🙂

  • Hi Julia, how is this different with the sponges that comes with most powder foundations?


  • Christine

    beauty blender actually released a new version the same shape as this one, but you know Asians…

  • tracy

    hi, do u happen to know if faceshop also sells one? if so i’m going there as soon as it opens. unfortunately we don’t have etude here in my area