Shawill Showcase Blushers – Php99.00 for a pop of matte color

I hovered around SM Megamall’s beauty floor last Friday after the short Kanebo event and was drawn towards the somewhat tacky but brightly colored wares of the Shawill shelf, a Chinese brand according to the saleslady that’s been around for the last decade.  I was first impressed by their many multi-colored, frosty metallic cream shadow palettes that looked detestable at first because of the glitter overspray, then the saleslady quickly told me glitter was only present on top.  I initially wanted to show you those, but I decided to skip those for now and buy something I really needed for my kit.

TOP TO BOTTOM:  7 Natural Beige, 4 Pink Chic, and 2 Beach Bronze

I remembered that I didn’t have an absolute matte pink blush.  What I had were mostly mauve, coral, and peach shades and I had to play it safe and make sure I also had the absolute pink blush option since I had a TVC shoot the next day.  I’ve been badly wanting the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes from the U.S. but ’till I have the opportunity and money to get those these will do nicely.  I got the Shawill Showcase Blushers in 3 shades for Php99.00 each, 7 Natural Beige, 4 Pink Chic, and 2 Beach Bronze.  Read more to jump to the full post with more photos of swatches and application.

The packaging isn’t at all bad for the Php99.00 price tag.  In fact, it’s pretty cute.

CLOCKWISE:  7 Natural Beige, 2 Beach Bronze (labo), and 4 Pink Chic

The compact comes with a flip mirror which also acts as a separator for the tiny puff that comes with it, to me though that puff is almost useless…almost.

Swatches L-R: 2 Beach Bronze, 7 Natural Beige, 4 Pink Chic.  Shawill Showcase blush comes in a total of 7 Shades: 1 Dreamy Rose, 2 Beach Bronze, 3 Sexy Bright, 4 Pink Chic, 5 Candy Red, 6 Perfectly Peach, and 7 Natural Beige.

I find it kind of funny that they named the more coral pink “Beach Bronze”, for one it isn’t at all a brown-ish shade, in fact when wearing it I was disappointed to find you could hardly tell the difference between that and Pink Chic which annoyed me lots because I felt like I wasted Php99.00 for a blush that was nearly the same as the other. “Beach Bronze” is mildly warmer and deeper (more coral) than Pink Chic which is a cool pink) it would look great on darker skin.  If I had to choose between the two I’d get “Pink Chic”.

I’m particularly happy with Shawill’s Showcase blush in  “7 Natural Beige” which compares quite well with my Rock and Republic Contrived Pressed blush in “Foreplay’.  I believe Natural beige would also be a good dupe for Tarte Amazonian Clay’s best-selling blush, “Exposed”, the blush which YouTuber, Jen, aka FrmHeadtoToe hasn’t gotten over and uses everyday.  Pigmentation is good and soft, you tap a brush in and it picks up color immediately.  What got me a bit giddy was to find these weren’t “dead matte” in finish, they’ve kind of got a soft, satin finish  WITHOUT any shimmer, so you get a hint of definition but they’re in no way pearly or frosty.

Shawill Showcase Blushers are available for Php99.00 each at the SM Megmall Building B beauty floor, other SM beauty floors I presume, and Landmark according to the saleslady who assisted me.  I also suggest having a look at Shawill’s metallic cream eyeshadow palettes, if you can get over the glitter overspray which annoys me like a rash, but really, those look very interesting.  I must warn you to stay away from the Shawill single eyeshadow compacts, they’re pretty, buttery and strongly pigmented but they fall apart like polvoron, man.  One little bump or drop and that’s it.  I think I hit the budget blush jackpot with this blusher trio (minus one that was too similar maybe), don’t you agree?

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