Meeting Model slash Makeup Artist Bianca Valerio at the Colour Collection Launch

This story is a month overdue and as a result I can’t properly plug the Colour Collection Campus bus tour they had then which just finished last March 2… *points down at self* LOZER (on that one).  However, they had already been to U.P. Diliman for the campus tour before this press launch because they showed us the video.  All I can say now is a few words in appreciation of that brilliant campaign and after this post I ought to hastily review the lovely products they gave me.  Sunny makeup lady, Bianca Valerio, as Colour Collection’s on board makeup artist showed us her Colour Collection Campus Tour Bus containing the Colour Collection range of products.  The bus was custom fit and decked out with vanities and makeup products inside for nomadic product demonstration.  Sorry bout not posting this earlier, I didn’t mean to miss it, as in.  Like I said, I’ve currently got a bad case of events backlog just from last month because of shoots and other things which I’m quickly trying to fix right now.  Last February 6 I was invited by Liz of Project Vanity to attend Tupperware Brands’  Colour Collection cosmetics launch, an intimate press lunch for local brand direct selling makeup in the company of the lovely makeup artist/model Bianca Valerio.  P.S., I’ll be trying my best not to drop “U”s  all over the place…because of the “U” in Colour Collection.  Scream at me if you spot one I missed.

All that I knew about Bianca, before having a delicious brunch at Cafe 1771,  was about her being a famous makeup artist who had just recently launched her own makeup book also sponsored by Colour Collection, Face to Face – The Healing Power of Makeup. The book is available at National Bookstore and 100% of Bianca’s book royalties go to charity via Philippine Red Cross.  It’s a great gift to get for someone you know and simultaneously for someone in need.

These are some items I requested AFTER the launch in ADDITION to the items they originally gave me at the Colour Collection event (upcoming review).

Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara and 3 Colour Intense lipsticks (Bordeaux, Angel Berry, Walnut) which are the ones mentioned by Liz of Project Vanity as having quality comparable to MAC lipsticks,

Not in this  Photo: At the event I was also given their BB Cream, an eyeshadow quad, and a lip tint which I will blog about separately.

Read more to hop onto the Colour Collection Bus with us bloggers in the full post plus catch a video of Bianca sharing her thoughts on Colour Collection products!

I asked Bianca to quickly strike a pose by the bus (there was a vehicle moving along side of it so I couldn’t take a wider shot) before we entered our very own mobile makeup boudoir.

Here’s a quick video of when the Colour Collection cosmetics Bus did their campus tour in U.P. Diliman, even before we met Bianca at the press launch.

“Enter” the Campus Bus Tour with us!  Here I am entering the bus with Bianca!

That was one of Bianca’s favorites, the blush and bronzer duo that cuts down on bag space and here’s the video I took of Bianca speaking on why she likes Colour Collection products.  She’s very fun to listen to, I can hardly count the number of times we laughed while she spoke at lunch, extremely funny and engaging.

What Bianca had to say about Colour Collection basically was that she was happy that more affordable makeup options are being made available to girls who really just want to get it right for an amount they can afford.  What may surprise you is that Colour Collection is actually the rebranded formerly “Sara Lee” range which Sharon Cuneta endorsed many years ago.  Remember those TV commercials with luscious lipsticks that you kept watching?  I really like mentioning this because when I was very young I liked those Sara Lee commercials, even before Tita Shawi came into my life.  The makeup looked sooo pretty for that time (over 10 years ago?) like eye candy really.  Though Colour Collection may not sound FAMILIAR today, THIS IS THAT LINE.  Colour Collection is the former Sara Lee collection.  Colour Collection’s Mother company, TupperWare Brands is also the authorized distributor for brands like Ivana, White Result, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes and…oh, remember, Zwitsal.  For questions on how to purchase Colour Collection cosmetics or become a direct seller of their products email Tupperware Brands at or call the HOTLINE NUMBER: 867-2222

Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick - Kinda wears like MAC, Kinda tastes like MAC for Php350
TATCHA Aburatorigami aka Handmade Japanese Beauty Paper - 100% Abaca Leaves and Gold Flakes
  • wow, her shoes are yellow! hehehe!

  • I love Bianca Valerio! I met her last year in Boracay when they shot the second season first episode of F.A.S.H. She was blonde then 🙂

  • ganda ni bianca! love the bus super kikay haha 🙂