TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream – A Sweet Way to sorta Scrunch it Up

I told a friend when I first saw this hair contour product that it looked like if I rubbed it a genie just might ascend from the bottle.  Yea, I know, they usually come from magic lamps…not bottles (except in Christina Aguilera’s song), kaya pala my friend never got what I was trying to say, hahahaha.  It has something to do with the shape of it.  I’m also wearing the most excessively sold knit shirt on the face of…Singapore, I spotted 3 girls wearing this already so far, one in SG and two here in the Philippines and it super annoys me because I thought I was “special” LOL.

TIGI Bed Head’s local PR team send me a bottle of this Foxy Curls Contour Cream to try, thank you so much.  I really need to be slightly more on my toes when it comes to my hair.

I decided to do this really cheesy pose for the post simply because of how infectious the shirt is.  I won’t even hesitate to say there’s a style outbreak of shirts like this and I can’t let go of that fact until now.  Julia is feeling generic LOL.  Read more to see how this makes my hair look in the full post

Product Features/Ingredients:

  • CRC (Curl Responsive Complex) Technology
  • Superior Styling Polymers
  • Sunflower Seed Extract
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)
  • Glycogen
  • Shea Butter
  • Green Tea Extract

My hair isn’t “CURLY” but it does have a good amount of natural twist and wave to it, there were even more before I had a really bad season of falling hair before which practically took away 1/3 of my hair population 🙁 .


  • Defines, shapes and supports curls
  • Promotes curl hold and encourages soft, manageable curls
  • UV and thermal protection
  • Eliminates frizz, smoothes curls, enhances shine
  • Fortifies and moisturises
  • Reinforces hair for added strength
  • Adds shine
  • Natural antioxidants

This product, TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls, smells very nice, kind of like berries, honey, and caramel. One pump is enough to “finish” the ends, you’re not supposed to put too much, after I take some like this I rub it between my hands then lightly apply all over scrunching my curls and rubbing the ends.   Note, my hair is really wavy, I’m guessing for someone with curly hair after using this you’d have less frizz, more shapely kinks, and lovely smelling locks.  Here’s my towel dried hair BEFORE I used the product.

Wait till your hair is towel-dried before rubbing this in and give it a wild shake beforehand.  Yea, it kind of needs a bit of unruly lift before application.  Yea, I had to give it a bit of help.

Perhaps it’s better to expect that kind of kink and bounce from TIGI Bedhead’s Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Enhancing Spray than from this product.  Now back on this Contour Cream, do not apply on DAMP hair I say, it won’t work as well.  Below is my hair AFTER I worked Bed Head Foxy Curls through my hair with my fingers.  Sorry looked awful in the last shot coz I was so sleepy, so I censored my face LOL.  It adds a nice bit of shine without grease, adds shape and mild spring to waves or curls but it doesn’t give much volume though which mildly disappoints me even though it’s not primarily a volume enhancer there should be even a bit more lift and bounce since that is what also what helps brings out curl body.  The end result…


I like the product, but I don’t LOVE it because the effects are too subtle for me.  For the salon price of Php1645.00 I was hoping it would do something more obvious or draw out an unmistakeable difference.  This probably works better for curlier hair but I still expected to see some sort of BIGGER perceivable change since my hair was wavy and in need of “spring” or more definition.  Honestly, what keeps me persistently applying this whenever I do is the natural sheen it adds to the hair that doesn’t look oily or greasy, it makes hair glow with health, plus the scent which is yummy sweet, but not too foodie, there’s a hint of fruitiness that smells right for summer.  TIGI Bed Head products are available exclusively in certain leading salons, I saw a TIGI Bed Head shelf at Emphasis Salon and I saw another one in the salon by the entrance of A-Venue on the Ground Floor (sorry forgot the name).  Better yet I pull this list out for you, winner, which Ialready had with me in the first place:

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  • Issa

    wow, I love your sweater! so stylish! the product gave your hair a nice body but it lacks volume nga as you said it… 🙂 still, it gave a nice effect

  • Stella

    Hey Julia! I bought this product also but I ended up using it only once or twice. It smelled really good but made my hair super frizzy & dry! For curly hair the Best I found was Revlon’s Stylemasters Fanaticurls but Got it in DK and couldnt find here in PH 🙁

  • Stella

    Andd i love love love your sweater! Gorgeous! <3

  • hi i just want to share..i am no expert in hair care but you might have used it wrong?
    i am using this one based on previous reviews i read on other blogs..
    anyway, i applied it while my hair is still wet but not dripping.. more or less 70% wet to damp..
    it keeps my curly hair manageable.. my towel-dried hair doesn’t look like your towel-dried hair, mine is more oomph like it formed a triangle, but when i use this my curls are more defined.. 🙂