Some Kind of a Quick FOTD – The Makeup Artist slash Wedding Guest

It’s been awhile since I’ve liked a photo of myself enough to make it my profile picture on almost every social media platform I use, that’s because I’m often too lazy to fix my own hair, which is a weakness on my part.  Photos like these are often unplanned, not premeditated, and quite spontaneous.  At a second wedding I did in Batangas last week I brought my freelance hairstylist for the day with me, Tricia Hermosura, who does part time hairstyling to mix it up a bit on the job end.  She’s got an eye for the pretty I can tell ya’ and even though she thinks she’s not yet “that experienced” I’m tellin’ ya I can spot hot talent the way I spot stray hairs in  TVC, ergo quite quickly.

After doing makeup for yet another bride, her maid of honor, and the mothers I was left with just enough time to spare to fix myself.  I did a photography friendly natural look and asked Tricia for some help with my hair.  Here’s my lovely hairstylist Tricia who’s actually a very good advertising pillar of her craft, she looks gorgeous on the job!

When we caught up with the ceremony I pulled a fresh flower from the wedding aisle pot next to me and stuck it behind my ear (an observing secondary sponsor lady from afar even gave me a thumbs up to my surprise LOL!), I then fixed the camera settings, then asked Tricia to take a photo.  Sometimes great photos don’t take an arm and a leg to set up, it’s all about the moment and sometimes it just happens, you just have to be there, Care Bear.  Would you like to know what products I used to create my look?  Natural looks can be deceiving, they photograph like there weren’t many products used but in truth natural looks that improve a dull appearance and render flawlessly on camera are often the most painstaking to create.  Let me know if you want a list


Like Water for MakeUp - Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire Cleanser goes into my Pro Kit
TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream - A Sweet Way to sorta Scrunch it Up
  • I’d love to know what you used! =)

  • soleil

    me too! yay!

  • i wanna see the list too! btw, you look pretty 🙂

  • mgx

    love your look! so natural and fresh =) I hope you’ll post your list =)

  • Loving the hair and the fresh look, Julia! 🙂