Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara – A Drugstore Volumizing Mascara that Delivers

There are HUNDREDS of mascara products that unabashedly promise to add volume to lackluster lashes, but I think only a good minority out of all of them actually do so without compromising curl hold or being smudge-proof.  Sans the bulky wand, I think Max Factor False Lash Effect is an ideal BIG lash mascara for medium to large eyes, but small oriental eyes can skip it.  It also comes in a non-waterproof formula which has 3 colors.  I have mine in Black, thanks to the Max Factor team for sending this over!

False Lash Effect Mascara is available in 3 shades: Black, Black Brown and Deep Blue, False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara is available in 2 shades: Black and Black Brown

Doesn’t it remind you of something called Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof mascara?  I know, right, you’re not seeing double.  They’re sister companies so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the exact same formula, except Cover Girl’s mascara in the orange tube is marketed for Americans and Max Factor False Lash Effect is marketed for Europeans.  This is pro MUA Lisa Eldridge’s staple mascara for simple volume and longevity.  Read more for the full post.

The wand isn’t bad for medium to large sized almond shape eyes.  It’s just that when your eyes lean towards the hooded oriental type or are a bit more beady and small this wand can blot a lot because of the large diameter and tip.  The fine teeth however make it very easy to rake and comb through clumps and fix definition after adding loads of mascara.  The 25% bigger wand core is a plus for some but not all eye shapes.

“From the 1st stroke, the brush wraps more product around more of the lash and the bristles sweep mascara right to the tip of the lash and separates them. The Liquid Lash formula glides onto each lash easily and adheres without stickiness.  The flexible clay system allows each stroke to wrap around and sweep over the previous layer without disrupting it.  The formula thickens as it dries without hardening too fast to ensure flexibility and thereby creating a stunning voluminous effect.”

As you can see the overall effect Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara is quite obvious and impressive and curl does hold especially with the Waterproof variant.  It’s only a bit of a pain to remove, but not as difficult to remove as Majolica Majorca’s reknowned no-budge mascaras (which even Bioderma Sensibio H2Owon’t remove as easily, it does remove it but takes time).  I wouldn’t quickly say that the effect is exactly like wearing false eyelashes but you certainly do have bigger, bolder lashes when putting on this product and the curl won’t droop so it’s a good reliable mascara for me to use on shoots.  It’s available for Php 695.00 in select local department stores and Watsons beauty floors.  Watch Lisa Eldridge extensively use the brown Max Factor False lash effect variant in this recent trend video for pastel candy colored eyes.

*Complimentary product supplied by brand for review

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