Work Wambles and Delayed Posts

Hi, as some of you may have read on Twitter, I was swamped with a 2-turned-3 day shoot beginning Wednesday which was a wonderfully  HUGE project (I went home for 6 hours to change on the 2nd day before going back in the afternoon) and the Monday before that I also had a TVC shoot with a different director that ended at 1am.  No TVC details for both because of confidentiality, both projects were fun but I was really happy to be very busy on the big project as well.  On set I worked as an MUA on the same project team as Jigs Mayuga except he worked on the lead talents and I worked with my partner hairstylist, Eddie Mar Cabiltes on the staggering number of support talents (staggering for two stylists).  Wardrobe stylists who worked with us were Mara Reyes and Jenni Epperson.  For two and a half days I had about 6 hours worth of sleep and only God knows how many hours standing up for makeovers and retouches.  At one point but only for a moment, because there were so many support talents I felt like doing this to them instead…

Of course there were “side effects” to being busy.  I’m sure Neutrogena readers are particularly peeved that I haven’t posted my final pledge post for the BB cream challenge and those who joined the Summer Retweet Giveaway are just antsy to know who won.  I will, believe me, I will post all these I just need a moment to breathe, Dears.  After the last day of the shoot yesterday, don’t say “Yuck”, after having eaten a big late lunch at 3pm WITHOUT CHANGING CLOTHES OR REMOVING MY EYELINER I crashed on my bed at 4pm and woke up TODAY at 630am still in my jeans…that’s like 14.5 hours of sleep and that’s how tired I was.  It happens.  In spite of all the whimsical shoot chaos I had sooooo much fun.  You’ll have to forgive me though I was too focused on my work to take behind the scenes photos for that one big project.  I’ll ask other people to supply me with some photos once the commercial airs.

And the Winner for My Sweet Summer Retweet Giveaway is...
Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara - A Drugstore Volumizing Mascara that Delivers
  • Danna

    I can’t wait to see the looks. 🙂 When I crash out like that I call it the state of being “dead to the world”.