Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes Review AND Nationwide Giveaway – Brought to you by House of Flair!

Oho!  I’ve got a whopper of a post for you, Ladies this time.  This is a “sponsored” review in that the product set for review AND  the giveaway prizes are provided by pre-ordering business, House of Flair.  Thanks again, Suyen!  We’ll have a little bit of words somewhere in the middle or towards the end on why House of Flair is such a great business initiative for women like us who love playing with cosmetics, but for now, I have to show and tell…just a little bit because I nearly squealed when Suyen emailed me wanting to sponsor this giveaway for all of you, because that hasn’t happened a lot yet on this site.  I squeaked even louder when she mentioned what was preselected from her on-hand items for the giveaway and what I could choose to review.  These Real Techniques Brushes only happen to be part of the actual affordable but pro brush range designed by one of the UK’s YouTube Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha Chapman who has had over 10 years of professional experience with MAC and more as a professional makeup artist.  The Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nicola only happen to be somewhat like the Michelle Phan phenomenon but in the U.K. and with the difference being they’re truly professional makeup artists, when they say in a video that a product is “bloody good”  women have been said to literally flee their homes to head for the nearest makeup counter to purchase it.  When Suyen said I could review a set of these for myself in addition to the giveaway I nearly fell off my seat.

“My travel essentials provide everything you need to create flawless looks at home and away.  Look pixel perfect even in harsh light.  The brushes are made of ultra plush Taklon (synthetic fiber making it ideal for dry or wet products).”  The set also comes with a Panoramic Case which functions as a dual carrier and stand and keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go, I love this case thingy for retouches on set, I pull what brushes need from my gi-mongous pro kit put it into this velcro strapped roll and track the models I have to retouch with every take.

L-R:  Multi Task Brush – For effortless application of powder, blush, and bronzer, Essential Foundation Brush – Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer, Domed Shadow Brush – Tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes (but the Pixiwoos use this more often for concealer under the eyes).

Here’s a video tutorial of Samantha’s sister, Nicola doing smoky makeup on an Asian friend of theirs who looks quite Filipina actually (not quite sure if she is) which is why I picked this tutorial in addition to it being the latest one uploaded (and it also happens to be one of the few where they’re doing makeup on someone else).  You may see some of the Real Techniques brushes I mentioned used here and you’ll see the other Real Techniques brushes that aren’t part of this set which might also get you interested in owning a few more.  They’re currently available only in the U.S., and UK from the website if I’m not mistaken.


This travel essentials brush set has brushes with slightly shorter handles for easy transport.  The other collections like the Core/Base Brush set and single brushes for purchase come with slightly  longer handles for better control.  Read more to get to the full post and giveaway mechanics!


These brushes are kitten paw soft, especially that Multi Task Brush.  To be honest I’m not particularly fond of the multi-colored ferrules, in my book they don’t look as professional, that’s just my personal take on it.


I’d prefer they were all just one shade of plain frosted/brushed steel or one, unanimous color if you know what I mean.  That doesn’t annoy me too much though.

The only brush I like less than the other two is the Essential Foundation brush.  Don’t get me wrong it still gives an extremely good finish, I’m just not particularly fond of the pointy tip which can feel sharp, scratchy, and pointy only when you’re bending it or blending more aggressively around the face, otherwise its size and shape make it really easy to cover areas around specific facial features.  You can also use this as a large concealer brush.  Here I’m applying a liquid foundation I haven’t reviewed yet, Make Up For Ever HD foundation, my current shade is 118.

The domed shadow brush is more often used by Samantha and Nicola Chapman in their videos as a concealer brush.  It kind of reminds me of the fluffiness of the MAC 217 brush but it has the density and shape of a larger 239.  You can swipe and pat concealer under the eyes and around the nose and mouth quite easily and it won’t hurt at all in the process because it’s uber soft and plush.  The concealer I’m using is  MAC Studio Finish in NC 30 or 35, I forgot which one.

You can see here the kind of believable, flawless  finish on the base I was able to achieve with the first two brushes within just a few minutes.  To be honest I have normal, clear skin, but I do have to cover up dark circles, redness from frequent allergy flare ups around the nose and mouth, and some sun spots that have begun to show up.  Now onto the Multi Task Brush, you’ll remember that I reviewed the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush just a few posts back which was also provided by House of Flair (that one just discount) this is the brush I used to apply it.

You don’t get any patchiness and there’s not much blending required.  It’s easy with the Multi Task Brush to achieve a soft wash of color over the apples of the cheeks, and because of the soft taklon bristles you don’t need to blend too much, it does much of the diffusing for you.

The entire Real Techniques Travel Essentials set is worth US $18.00 abroad and Php1250.00 from house of flair BUT hold on to your butts, there’s a giveaway going on, right here right now!  House of Flair would like to celebrate its recent “makeover” and bless one of you lovely ladies with this Real Techniques Travel Essentials set PLUS a Php500.00 pre-ordering gift voucher for anything you can get from them!  For those of you who have never heard of House of Flair, it’s a pre-ordering Multiply site that allows you access to those items in the U.S. online that you can’t get a hold of and not just cosmetics either!  First, before the giveaway mechanics I’d like to introduce you to the newly revamped, yummy looking House of Flair website.

To avail of House of Flair’s pre-ordering services, all you have to do is choose what you want from almost any U.S. website online, provide them with the direct online shop/site links to the product in the U.S. (sometimes directly from the brand website) and pay House of Flair instead, there are additional fees for the House of Flair service and the shipping fees from the U.S. of course but that price is not exorbitant in any way, plus you get FREE local shipping directly to almost any destination in the Philippines ALL the time. Here’s what Suyen would like to share:

 “They can preorder pretty much anything from the US (except for food and electronics). My previous customers have ordered, aside from cosmetics, books, magazines, collector’s or limited edition items (i.e. Hello Kitty products), shoes, bags, clothes, home items (such as kitchen utensils & candles) children’s toys etc.  I’d also like to bring attention to the fact that House of Flair ships all orders for free nationwide at no minimum order amount.” – SUYEN

Now, isn’t that convenient for the ladies (like me) who sit frustrated at their computers seeing items they want from abroad?  It’s only every once in awhile that an obliging relative goes to and fro to bring us what we want from there but sometimes it can be a bit taxing, even humiliating at times to impose, or wait and chance upon whoever is leaving for the U.S. just to get what we want.  House of Flair brings imported U.S. items within our reach.  Now here’s your chance to win the Real Techniques House of Flair giveaway!  Onto the giveaway mechanics!  A note to all, this giveaway is open nationwide!

Excited, Ladies???!!!!  Please remember to read the MECHANICS thoroughly and do ALL 3 STEPS (Yes, I check).  In my last giveaway I picked a winner but had to disqualify that one and pick another winner because not all steps were followed.  By the way, if you’d like to buy any of the other Real Techniques brushes or sets that aren’t part of the giveaway, try to check for some on the Ulta website in the U.S. or perhaps on Ebay or Amazon and contact House of Flair to pre-order those for you!


1.  You must LIKE House of Flair’s Facebook Page here.

2.  You must FOLLOW BOTH  House of Flair’s Twitter @houseofflair AND BlessMyBag’s Twitter @blessmybag

3. You must LEAVE A NICE, DECENT RANDOM COMMENT below this post about the giveaway, for example “I wanna join this and win that Real Techniques set!”, or “I think House of Flair is a smart venture!” and make sure you leave either your twitter handle/name or your email in the comment so we can easily contact you if you win, we won’t be able to tell a just a printed NAME that they won.



  • Entry open to Philippine residents only.
  • One winner will be picked at random.
  • and are the sole promoters of this competition
  • Competition closes on Monday, April 30, 2012 at the time 11PM/23:00
  • Winner will be notified within 5 days of the close of the competition.

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  • Richelle Furog

    Let me try my birthday LUCK! Hoping to win as one of my wish is to have a good branded brushes! I want to win REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHES and House of Flair is one of the trusted online shopping site! it is proven base on my own experience.

    Thanks for this opportunity! I hope I win! :))

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  • Elinor Semira (@mhoie1325)

    I would love to win this Real Techniques brush set because I’m a newbie to the makeup world and this set would help me a lot to perfect my makeup! This would be an awesome pre-birthday gift for myself too! 🙂

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    Hoping to win your contest! =)

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    I’ve been wanting these brushes for the longest time. 🙂 I love the Pixiwoo sisters too! 😀


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    i hope i win.. i hope i win.. i hope i win..
    i love this contest! i love real techniques brushes! i love bless my bag!! i love house of flair!!!
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  • Carmi Zate

    Twitter: @happy_cee
    Name: Ma. Carmi B. Zate

    I love both – House of Flair (for their awesome pre-order which makes shopping MUCH easier) and the Real Techniques brushes which I wanted to try. Awesome giveaway btw. Thanks Julia! 😀

  • Mariah Alyssa Adrianne Manlangit

    I’d love to win those brushes! Thank you for the giveaway! It’s also nice to know about House of Flair. There are so many products from abroad that I’d really like to try but I don’t have much connection in the U.S. to bring home some! Thanks again!


  • Meggie

    I subscribe to pixiwoo’s channel too! NICE

  • House of flair is the home of hard to find real goodies <3.

  • katrina yanga

    I wanna join this and win that Real Techniques set!

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    Joined, I would love to win that Real Techniques set! It would be my very first set ever! thanks for this giveaway and kudos house of flair for sponsoring!

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    I would love to win this set. More power to your blog. 🙂


  • i wanna join this because its my first time to use make-up and this will help me how to make me beautiful..:)

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