The Return of RENEGADE FOLK – My Fave Indie Shoe Brand is BACK!

OMIGAWRSH…I spotted their video announcement on YouTube and got super excited.  I only ever got to buy 1 pair of Renegade Folk shoes and they happen to be my most favorite heels.  Back then they were available at bazaars and they had a Multiply Store online which is no longer active but they’ve got a brand spanking NEW Website here!  I’ve used my own pair so often ever since I got them.  These are photos from my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone, I use the FREE app Camera 360 when taking mobile photos.

They’re not cheap but they’re not insanely expensive either considering how great their styles and shapes are.  I think I scored this pair at a bazaar for about Php1800 or Php2000 2.5 years ago but they’ve lasted me so well and still look really great considering I’ve worn them to so many places.  I discovered the brand at their Rockwell bazaar kiosk, bought those shoes and loved them then Renegade Folk disappeared for what looked like was forever, but now they’re back!!!  Like them on Facebook, check their website, and watch their YouTube announcement in this video.

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  • Issa

    these shoes looks really comfy… i will definitely check their site! 🙂