Thought Bubbles: The Neutrogena BB-Cream Challenge Part 1 (Not the pledge post yet)


This has taken forever to put up because I was looking for proper before and after photos, I wanted to choose from among my usual photos for the blog so the photos didn’t feel so set up for the challenge.  So I chose a before photo from one of my other posts before I was issued the Neutrogena BB-Cream Challenge and I chose an after photo from one of my recent mascara posts. So yes I’m sorry I do happen to be wearing mascara in the after photo, but with the exception of that I have a clear face.  I took so long in trying to make out and remember if I put loose powder during my review on the mascara (after photo) because if that were the case I shouldn’t have used that photo but since I can see one minor blemish near my lip I don’t actually think so, I do believe that’s a base free face.  This isn’t the complete pledge post yet.  The only minor post process I did to both was COLOR MATCH and balance the levels (because the photos were taken on two different days) so the photos were comparable in lighting.  No blurring or softening filter was ever applied to either of these photos.



Though the differences are extremely subtle I think I’ve observed a distinguishable more even tone in my skin in the after photo.  The blemish came about because I picked at (yes, don’t) a whitehead near my lip that was quite itchy and bothersome.  I do find my skin to be not dramatically fairer, but agreeably, slightly fairer coz truthfullyI don’t expect myself to lighten up any more by much.  The honesty about my Neutrogena BB Cream use is I used it faithfully everyday only for about 3-4 weeks when stepping out of the house (during the weekly giveaways obviously) then as work came about I rotated it among products in my personal kit.  I still had it handy though.  Then I started using it again for about 2-3 days between the 5th and 6th week.  My final thoughts on the product alone is I love the oil-free light consistency and the beauty in the skin comes forth a few hours after applying it once it has blended with your natural facial oils, it gives a rosy white fairness, not an anemic sort of fairness, at least once the product has mildly set in and oxidized a little bit.  Truth be told the single shade itself still leaves me wanting a multiple shade range to come out.  I think the shade itself is a half-step too fair for me and it’s a bit of a stretch to say that it’ll suit all skin shades deeper than mine.  I love the scent but I find it too strong and would prefer that it were fragrance free.  I love the fact that this has no “shimmer” particles whatsoever and I also like the size of the bottle that’s quite handy to bring along.  Over all I like Neutrogena BB Cream very much but tend to only put it on when I’m going for a look that suits angel-fair skin.  Stay tuned for my style pledge post in which I’ll do the “model” thang for you sorry lot, makeup free! LOL

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  • Issa

    this product looks interesting! Can’t wait for the pledge post! 🙂

  • Tammy

    The bb cream is too grey! This might work on an alien.