Extra Rice – Creamy Rice Cleansers by Face Shop and Clean & Clear

I know, I know you’re all like “But you said…”  yes, yes I did say I wasn’t supposed to purchase a new facial cleanser since I still had a Kiehl’s mousse action Acai Damage-Reducing cleanser on hand.  I really wasn’t supposed to but I ended up buying two, (bad Julia) but really also to prove a point because one (Clean & Clear) was to replace the Kiehl’s cleanser which I found out I DIDN’T LIKE (get to that in a sec) and the second (Face Shop) was a purchase out of curiosity in all things Korean, to check if it worked better than the first replacement.  It also turned out this Clean&Clear variant is very good especially for oily skin or if you’ve worn heavy makeup and want it absolutely all off.  The Face Shop one is great for normal to combo dry skin.  Oh and that one…I didn’t get at a Face Shop boutique, I found a semi “secret” Korean cosmetic shopping area somewhere in Makati where everything costs less because they’re brought here by a Korean who really goes back home.

From left: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Php150.00 50ml tube, Clean & Clear Deep Action Purifying Cleanser (w/Rice Extract) Php135.00 for 100g tube

If you read my “Summerization” post, my expensive BeFine Facial Cleanser from Beauty Bar also had rice and I’m into the whole Asian feel that comes with using skincare with the benefits of the said staple grain.  I only had to get that expensive one because I had to make sure my face recovered because it was rejecting my former facial cleanser that time.  Because Filipinos love rice so much it fit for me.  I didn’t favor the Kiehl’s Acai Damage Reducing cleanser (not in photo) and I really used it about 6 times to try and persuade myself to like it but it doesn’t feel like it cleanses my skin deep enough considering that there are days when I wear makeup plus I’m not fond of the scent.  It felt weak as a cleanser.  It’s okay naman, kind of like Rosemary, just not my type for the face so I gave it to Mom who likes herb scented light facial washes and she likes Kiehl’s as well.  I think in general I don’t like facial cleansers that come with that foaming pump that gives you a light mousse that disappears into a whisper when you rub it between your fingers.  I like that mousse pump action only for liquid hand soaps, Dial has a good set of moussing hand soaps from S&R.  I like my facial cleansers to be slightly denser, creamier, and have unmistakeable emulsifying, foaming action.  Read more to get the full post and my comparison between these two facial cleansers.


My favorite among the two is The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright cleansing foam, this is my ultimate choice right now.

“The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam is rich, fine and delicate, watery and hydrating. It mildly cleanses the face while replenishing skin with moisture and nutrients promptly to protect against environmental assaults. With unique dual cleansing effect, it thoroughly removes make-up residue and impurities inside pores. It reconstructs the skin’s balance system. The Rice Water Bright cleansing foam contains 7 kinds of grain extract (e.g. rice, brown rice, black rice, rice bran……). It is extremely gentle…”  When it says “brightening” I assume it does not mean whitening, “brightening” is often used in reference to the revealing of radiance ergo clearer, newer skin.

Online I read from someone’s blog that a friend of hers bought 3 tubes of this in one go because she liked it so much, that’s a bit much for a facial cleanser don’t ya think, LOL.  This comes out the usual creamy frosty white of many facial cleansers.  It’s a medium density cream that isn’t runny.  It doesn’t foam as insanely as detergents do, it emulsifies into a very discreet sort of milky, silky foam and the scent OH THAT LOVELY SUBTLE SCENT, it’s faint, soapy, powdery with a hint of something that reminds me of cherry blossom (it actually smells like my Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream).  Rice Water Bright cleans gently and the feeling is so silky when you go over your face with your hands in circles, when I rinsed my face felt super, super soft.  The first time I used Rice Water Bright I was afraid that I was allergic to it but it turns out my super small rash was because it was “clashing” with my makeup remover Bioderma (contains active Micelles and other active ingredients) which I used before hand.  When I used Rice Water Bright on my face today in the shower, I had no reaction at all which proves my point that it didn’t cause my minor, fleeting rash last night.  Sometimes it’s better to rinse your face with water first after using a makeup remover before slapping on your facial cleanser because ingredient clashing or “layered” ingredients not meant to go together can cause an allergic reaction.

Researching pricing online on the Sasa website I also saw Rice Water Bright available in a 150ml tube size (bout as tall as the Clean & Clear above) which costs about Php450.00.  I got this smaller one for about Php150.00 from where?  Surprisingly I got this from a Korean cosmetic table by “Spring”, as she calls herself, on the 11th floor food court of LKG Tower Makati, 6801 Ayala Avenue.    In Face Shop boutiques this 50ml tube might almost cost Php300 and the 150ml one could be about Php500-Php600 because of boutique rentail and tax.  Now onto the Clean & Clear Deep Action Purifying Cleanser.


“Works deep down to purify pores for clean, fresh skin. The refreshing formula has a cool fresh feeling as it cleans deep down to purify pores, gently and effectively dissolving breakout-causing impurities. Clean & Clear Rice Extract Oil-Absorbing System helps to control excess oil so skin feels completely clean and fresh. Enjoy a powerful purifying clean everyday for clean and fresh skin. Rinses clean and wont overdry skin.

The tube contains 100grams of this, you get a lot of product for Php135.00.  It does say that it contains Rice Extract for added oil control and benefits, but I think this is the more “chemically” robust of the two and for sure contains less properties of rice than Rice Water Bright and it contains Carageenan which is a certain seaweed mentioned in the book The Black Stallion (talk about a sudden tangent, off-road much).  I don’t have AS MUCH to say about this but I appreciate how well it cleans, its affordability, the fact that it’s OIL-FREE, and that I’m not allergic to it.  It also gives you that silky cleansing feel while using it which is very pleasant and it has a neutral, clean scent that isn’t as memorable as that lovely scent of Rice Water bright but still aids in providing a happy cleansing experience.  I like using this after having worn heavy makeup that sometimes won’t all come off even after having used a makeup remover.  This finishes the job.  It does more “grease stripping” I think because my face has a tendency to feel more squeaky after, but it lacks the hydrating, soothing softness that Rice Water Bright leaves me with.  I highly recommend this cleanser for sensitive, oily skin.  I’ve tried the Green Tea variant of this cleanser but personally don’t like the “cooling” sensation after, I think that one is more suited for men.


Coming to the end of this post, it  just occurred to me that I’ve done a general trio sweep of the price range for sensitive skin cleansers that contain rice.  My ultimate favorite however among these 3 is right smack in the middle, none compares to the lovely experience I had so far with Rice Water Bright.  Do any of these  interest you?  I think The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright cleanser is making you want to visit the curious cosmetic table of Madame Spring.  Her assistant, Ice (smirk), told me there were 3 or 4 tubes left of Rice Water bright foaming cleanser which costs Php150.00.

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  • Hazel

    Wow! I must try shopping at that Spring booth in LKG! But darn so far!

  • soleil

    Would you share with us the contact numbers of Spring, please? Thanks!

  • You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  • Alexis Alexander

    I would love to know the ingredients of the rice water bright if you have them. I would like to order it from Amazon, but don’t want to bother if it contains certain ingredients. Thank you for the review!