Small Summerization – A Travel Friendly Trio

I quickly told Dad not to throw the cocktail “umbrellettes” we scored from some fruit shakes, because I had to show you guys this little lot I love with a bit of summer flair.

Clockwise: 1.) Evian Natural Mineral Water “Brumisateur” Facial Spray 50 ml FROM PCX Php189.00, 2.) Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 US$17  FROM StrawberryNET  3.) Clean & Clear Oil Control Film pink blot sheets, Grapefruit Scented Php100+ FROM PCX

Two days ago that day was recorded as the hottest day of the year for the Philippines.  Truth be told I’ve only used 2 of the 3 items here so far because I just recently bought the blot sheets and have been simply sniffing the box every time I have it because of the lovely citrus grapefruit scent, these also come in a blue unscented version.  The most used item in this lot so far is the Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick.  I like it so much because for me it’s the balm ABOVE ALL NON-ORGANIC BALMS if I were to categorize it correctly.  It’s a luxurious product that really soothes the lips and since it’s in stick form it’s a less messy way to apply Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour cream on your lips without it oozing everywhere.

This travel-friendly size of Evian spray is quite nostalgic.  I remember when the bottle used to be different and my grandmother and aunts had big ones on their dressing tables.  I’d crumple up my little face in anticipation of a refreshing spritz from one of these.  For lots of people it’s a bit of a novelty and a “waste” because it isn’t a refillable bottle and the idea of spraying high end mineral water on one’s face doesn’t cut it I guess.  For me though this feels really SOOTHING, there’s something about the spritzer and the mineral water cooling the surface of my face, it’s a really relaxing, calming feeling especially since the heat has been so unbearable.  I think the bigger size of this spray is a bit of an overkill though which is why I opted for this travel-friendly 50ml bottle.  For best results stick one in the fridge for a few hours to get the most out of the cool part.  I was actually supposed to throw in once again my current favorite Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation in the group shot for this one but it was already part of my large Summerization feature and that was the 2nd time I talked about it already.   What are your travel size favorites now this summer?  Do you have any in particular?

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  • You can try the Travler’s Mist at Ritual. 🙂 It comes in a refillable, handy-sized bottle.