P&G Thank You Mom FB Promo – A Tribute For Mom Might Send You to the London Olympics

It’s actually funny because it was mom who emailed me the details about this campaign.  Say a few loving thank you words to your mom via this promo and get a chance to win a trip to the London Olympics this year!  I saw the global TVC but I hadn’t heard about the P&G London Olympic promo till she did.  Basically all you have to do is go to Facebook.com/thankyoumomPH    and allow the app to get your FB info then give a short message to your mom (up to 200 characters) and upload a photo or video.  Once you do, it will look like this.

I can’t find the exact page right now with the terms and conditions but I remember correctly while reading through it it said that of course it is encouraged that you already have a “Shengen” Visa in the event of winning this London Olympic promo, but if you don’t P&G grants that they will try their best (but don’t promise in case there are difficulties or delays) to acquire one for you in the event that you win and don’t have one.

Later on your entry will join the many entries that scroll on the Thank You Mom PH App page like so.

I think it’s a wonderful gesture to get all this love and gratitude on one page for all the moms who’ve been such bastions of love, strength, and hope in our lives.  Even just the fact that you were brought into this world or raised up by them is something to warmly and generously thank your mother for.  Go to this link to get started Facebook.com/thankyoumomPH If you haven’t watched the P&G Thank You Mom spot watch this video.

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  • Danna

    How lovely! That photo of you and your mom is so beautiful, it’s such a sweet, private moment.

  • Issa

    nice entry Julia! love the photo you uploaded, this is very sweet and a great way to thank our moms! good luck ! 🙂

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    :’) love you, Jul <3