My Makeup Role Model and Dream School – Helene Quille, Artistic Director of Make-Up Atelier Paris and Ecole de Maquillage

If I had more than enough financially at this very moment, right here, right now there is only one place in the world I would want to go to advance myself.  Commercially in the mass market the brand Make-Up Atelier in Paris keeps it low key leaning more towards the immediate needs of artistic professionals, they’re kind of like the French version of Kryolan also hosting a vast inventory of cosmetic products and artistic tools. It’s one of those places that I’ve felt so far exhibit the essence of TRUE makeup artistry where it’s less about the brands, the biz, and more about flawless artistic technique, creativity, and products that simply deliver and support what you need to achieve.

You Tube Pro Makeup Artist Wayne Goss praises Make-Up Atelier products in almost every favorites video he does and when I watched the videos on the Make-Up Atelier YouTube channel not expecting to find anything extremely mind blowing I was mistaken and totally caught off guard, I got stuck on video after video. Here’s one that demonstrates artistic smoky eyes and below it is a look that’s more avant garde.




One thing that had me hooked on each video was the movement of the demonstrating make-up artists’ hands… I just really kept staring, they were more mature and so exceptionally sure with each stroke .  When I watched the introductory video to the school, the Ecole de Maquillage, I realized the beautifully talented hands surely belong to none other than Make-Up Atelier’s lovely Artistic Director, Helene Quille, who is not just a senior professional makeup artist but also a trusted cosmetic product developer. Read more for the full post and more information on the school (Ecole de Maquillage).

Here is Helene introducing the school and Make-Up Atelier range in this video.  They take about 50 students every year through an intensive and detailed 9-month makeup course in Paris.

Make-Up Atelier Paris on Facebook:
Make-Up Atelier Paris, Formations professionnelles en Beauté & Mode, Maquillages Artistiques, Télé, Cinéma & Théâtre, Effets Spéciaux & Prothèses.
Adresse: 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS
Téléphone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15

Helene has in the past been a consultant to brands like Clarins, Sephora, Poudres LeClercs, and Yves Rocher.  What I love about her is how professional her presence is, there’s no candy coating only pure talent backed by years of experience.  I also love Lisa Eldridge as a professional who’s very good in doing flawless bases and more wearable looks, but for more cutting edge artistry I’m so in awe of Helene.

The videos of Make-Up Atelier’s YouTube artistry channel might not have all the digital graphic bells and whistles but their videos are such gold nuggets to watch and download.  You really see the experienced hand technique in the application of products, color theory, and the articulate use of makeup brushes.  They also do special effects and movie makeup.  Does this movie makeup look familiar?  Makeup is done by Vincent, one of the teachers at the Ecole de Maquillage.  This is really how high the standard is at the school.

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  • Love the atelier products I’ve trtied so far, crazy quality. And I was so happy when I found their channel. Can you imagine taking one of their classes?! That would be a dream come true 🙂

  • gladys gonzalez

    buenas tardes Sra,. Helene, me gustaria mucho tomar un cruso, taller de actualizacion en maquillaje para ojos y de ser posible maquillaje para ojos con aerografo, he estado intentando comunicarme con el atelier y no he recibido noticias, necesito saber una fecha ya que debo comprar los pasajes, soy de Paraguay e iria solo a Paris por tomar el curso con vosotros, esto seria en la segunda semana de marzo 2013. Por favor necesito respuesta, en la brevedad posible. GRACIAS!