Super Koi and the Pilipinas Cup rumble at Nuvali – A short visual analogy

I’m out for the weekend because of my brother’s 3-day football tournament at Nuvali, today’s the last day.  I had a bit of an encounter with the famous hungry koi at Nuvali who feed and multiply like crazy.  When you stand over the deck they have eyes for you already in anticipation of a generous sprinkle.  I’m proud of these smartphone photos, I did boost the brightness a bit in post processing but that’s ’bout it.  This pretty much visualizes what took place after the games yesterday.  The Under-16 division of Kaya Elite drew in a game vs. Loyola MSA, so nobody won, nobody lost.  The mood was pretty somber for both.

Then a prickly player from Loyola decided to randomly and ever so crudely spit on one of our players, who was quietly changing and arranging his clothes WITH HIS MOM BESIDE HIM.  Our team captain saw it, and our team captain is said player’s cousin.  Seventeen year-old kapitan pushes the offensive Loyola player, and a brawl ensues which includes coaches, players, and parents.

My brother and his friends who were safely out of the mess watched nearby in near disbelief.  The Nuvali police came and had to break it up.  My opinion?  Spitting on an opposing player is petty, cheap, and a waste of good saliva and it’s even dumber when you do it with the player’s parents and complete team right there.  As for the rest…although anger is valid self-control never hurt anyone.  Anyone up for a football game?

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  • Issa

    awwww, these games are supposed to be fun…

  • Banalee

    That’s the Kaya point of view. Loyola side of the story is that the kaya player was the first one who spat. Who would have more reason to be in a foul mood? The loyola player whose teams both qualified for the Cup (winners bracket) competition the next day or the kaya player whose pre-tournament favorite team was relegated to the Plate (losers bracket) competition?