The Face Shop Luxury Lash Curler – Less Hype, More Ease

After the recent Face Shop event I attended, I’ve become an instant lash curling convert.  Something felt more ergonomic about these lash curlers the minute I tried a tester one over at one of the makeup counters, though the tester one wasn’t in a gold finish it had the same make.

For me personally this felt even better than the iconic Shu Uemura one I own and is therefore also better for me than the Fanny Serrano one which is like the Shu Uemura one’s twin.  I like that it looks like the Shu Uemura limited edition one that was gold plated if I’m not mistaken especially since this Face Shop lash curler cost only Php205, they also carry an even more affordable one, the non-luxury one that isn’t in a gold finish and comes with rubber spares instead of extra soft spare silicon pads but they still both have the same curler body at Php105.  Read more to get the full review.

The one thing I think that makes it feel easier to work with is it feels as if it opens like about half or a third of a centimeter wider than the Shu curler does.

I remember that my former boss Tinette Ozamiz-Puyat, owner of Tinette & Co. salon at BGC Fort, told me that the wider the lash curler opens the better it performs and the more control you have.  If your lash curler kind of abruptly or unnaturally stops your palm and fingers from opening comfortably it’s more likely to be a pincher than not.  Also remember that lash curling “heads” vary, some people say they hate this curler and not that curler.  Remember, not everyone in the world has the same brow to eye proportion and no ONE lash curler can be perfect for everybody it’s just more possible that the curler with the most “neutral” head curve is what will suit most without pinching them.  In this case I think the curve of this lash curler happens to match my  eyes perfectly.

Of course when it comes to the whole beautiful 3D curled effect and avoiding  “L”ashes and getting that real rounded curl you also have to apply the proper technique which is curling lashes from the base at the lash roots, a midway squeeze, then a squeeze near the tips and that is called walking the lash curler out so it’s like an up and outward 1, 2, 3.  Sorry, no “before” photo of the lashes, just remember that my uncurled lashes basically point downward and have no natural curl so this result photo is a great example of what The Face Shop lash curler does for me.  No mascara in this last shot.

The Face Shop Luxury Lash curler with silicon pads costs Php205.00 and should be available at all loca Face Shop boutiques.  The boutiques that I’ve been to are in Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Glorietta, BGC Highstreet, and Trinoma.  BUT Hey, you might want to wait though, using my GCs from the event I got a SPARE box of one of these Luxury Lash Curlers to give away to one of you blessed readers, with love from moi.  Stand by for that little giveaway coming soon :), your lashes will certainly thank you!

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  • mean g

    oohh. good to know this. parang di na ako masaya sa fanny serrano curler ko. your lash curler face off: fanny serrano vs shu uemura blog entry convinced me to buy it last year 🙂

  • Ahn

    nakita ko na ito, and tried it.. i like it..

  • I want that curler! Love it! Give it to me! hahaha

  • Patitay

    This is a great tool with matching superb advice. You know very well I’m not an expert in putting on make-up, let alone, even knowing how to use some of them. So this blog entry of yours is a wonderful addition to my make-up knowledge. Thanks Julia!!! Much love!