Mizuno WaveRider 15 – My First Pair of Mizuno Running Shoes

Mom and I were “interrupted” during our shred workout, because of a sudden wave of social functions, shoots, coming home late, a lack of commitment and other things.  After roughly 2.5 weeks of regularly then semi-regularly doing the Level 1 workout I haven’t continued on that Jillian Anderson 30-day shred workout since about almost 2 months ago.  I’m really disappointed with myself since for the first time after the first 2 weeks I was getting regular exercise.  I guess for now painstakingly getting around SG a lot on foot for 5 days straight (aside from the train, no cabs) is slowly making up for the sudden gap of inactivity.  Mom told me she wanted to run rather than do home aerobics.  I’d made the well-intended mistake of thinking she didn’t want to be “exposed” to the elements (UV rays, heat, wind etc.).  Having decided together that we’d rather walk and run together than do home aerobics I realized I had never owned a properly prescribed pair of running shoes.  So, being here in Singapore during the great Singapore sale gave me the opportunity to track down the newest pair of Mizuno Wave Riders alo.gside one of the best running advisers around, Noelle de Guzman, aka Kikayrunner.

“Mizuno Wave® – The leading footwear technology that combines cushioning and stability, two distinctly different, yet necessary elements in running shoes.  While the running world labors over the pros and cons of lightweight, cushioning and stability, Mizuno labors to strike the perfect balance…a harmonious marriage of all three, achieved through Mizuno Wave Technology®.  SmoothRide™ – Minimizes the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.  Mizuno has taken SmoothRide Engineering™ a step further with the Wave Rider 15. Forefoot Flex Controllers allow optimal flex at toe-off and by moving the heel contact point a bit further forward on the sole it smooths out heel contact producing a more fluid ride.  Dynamotion Fit™ – Relives the stress the foot naturally places on footwear, eliminating distortion for the perfect fit.  A running shoe should work with the foot, not against it. Dynamotion Fit™ achieves this by allowing the upper to move in harmony with the foot through the entire running gait – from heel strike through toe-off. With Dynamotion Fit™ a runner and shoe literally become one.”

I’ve wanted to run in our beauty of a village for the longest time, I’ve only brisk walked with the dogs in my sneakers or slippers. Read more to see the full post of my first impressions on the Mizuno WaveRider 15.

Noelle prescribed another pair actually but I wasn’t fond of the color and it didn’t feel like there was enough ankle and arch support for me when I fit it because my left ankle sadly “rolls” (tends to get tapilok ) ever since I terribly sprained it in 1998 at a sports convention.  In fact my left ankle remains slightly bigger than my right and has never fully returned to it’s normal size.

“What makes Wave Rider 15 different? – By combining the best qualities of every Wave Rider that came before it, Mizuno has created its masterpiece with the Wave Rider 15. While the pendulum in running may swing from one extreme to another, the genius of the Wave Rider 15 is found through its harmonious balance of a lightweight feel, wrapped-to-foot fit and exquisitely smooth ride, ultimately producing a brilliant running experience.”

The Mizuno Wave Rider provides a snug lower ankle hug or “wrapped-to-foot” form, cradling and supporting the area around my ankle joint just above the heel.  Even as a typically low-cut shoe it does the job, beautifully as well as being reasonably wide enough for my non-slender feet.  Besides, Noelle said it isn’t about low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut anymore as much as it is about what activity the shoe was engineered for.  This trip held an opportunity to advisedly lay some money down at World of Sports (beside Mizuno, Marina Bay Sands) for these newly released running beauties at 20% off (World of Sports Member card) plus less an additional 7% for GST Refund so I got these less than the original price of about SGD189 which dropped to about SGD145 or Php4600+.

This particular WaveRider 15 running shoe model IN THIS COLOR* (as corrected by Noelle) isn’t available in the Philippine retail market yet.  Wave Rider 15 is being sold in Manila but my white, lime, and pink colorway is a new release which if I’m not mistaken also happens to be a limited edition color scheme.  What running mileage have I gotten so far with these?  Just above thirty meters, across a corridor to a trash bin in Terminal 2 (where we escorted Noelle to her flight) and back to position, hahaha.  I am just about to break these in later this afternoon.  According to Noelle I now own this particular running shoe model in this particular color (which is limited edition I believe) and only a handful of people in the Philippines own exclusive pairs of this for now.  This will help me conquer great distances!  LUHVET…

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Speechless SG Sunday
  • I recommended the Wave Elixir, which is actually a more stable shoe than the Rider because of a stiffer midsole (which prevents overpronation and ankle rolling). You’ve probably equated a cushy and built-up feel to more stability, but that’s actually not the case. Anyway, you made your choice based on comfort but if you do start doing distances longer than 5km you’ll have to switch to a stability shoe (Wave Elixir is light stability for overpronators) rather than a cushioning shoe (Wave Rider is cushioning for neutral feet).

    By the way, the Wave Rider 15 is available in the Philippines, but not with this colorway (white, green, pink). It’s available in a red and white colorway.

  • Issa

    the color is so pretty! love it! 🙂