Planting Pretty – My Nifty IKEA Storage Idea

In IKEA Queensway, Singapore, that was where I spotted these lovely coated, galvanized (anti-rust) steel planters for $SGD 5.20 each (Php175).  The IKEA “skurar” pots looked lacy to me and worthy of my dressing table.  I’ve never seen a post done on these plant pots although I wouldn’t be surprised if people have already used them in this same way.  This idea purely came to me while I was fixing and sorting my strewn calamity of costume jewelry last night, and I’m quite proud of having thought of this.  The opportunity to fix was inspired by Vivianna, and the idea with the plant pots was instinctive.

These are majority of the makeup brushes I own and use professionally.  Real life dictates that I not keep them all here, I’m merely showing that this can be done.  The IKEA Skurar pot is actually somewhat tall for the brushes so I layered in some cotton wool at the bottom so that the brushes would stand above the rim with better height.

The stuff in the other pot will truly stay as is for the moment.  This currently sits on top of my dresser with my brushes, body spray and hand lotion for daily use.  I remember how my best friend, Alma, keeps her earrings plugged into a stand frame specifically made to store and display earrings.  I’m particularly fond of the fact that this prettily scored plant pot does the job even if it was probably not meant for what I discovered it could do.  In keeping with the “garden theme” the 3 pairs of earrings I chose to display are all birds or bird related.  A suggestion would be to keep 3 or more most frequently used pairs out on display like this and the rest in a jewelry box you can keep nearby.  You’re sure to use displayed accessories more often, because otherwise, if out of sight, out of mind.  Read more to see more photos and another thing that surprised me.

I actually spotted two galvanized pots in the IKEA gardening section that I knew I could use for storage.  The first one I already mentioned, the pretty, frilly Skurar pot, the other is the plain and simple, uncoated, but useful Socker pot and these only cost $SGD 1.28 each, that’s about Php45.00. It’s also the right height for makeup brushes without any need to prop them up from the bottom.  To my surprise, this Socker pot fit a certain woven item I had at home for such a long time already, and when I say fit, I mean it actually fit in perfectly, like a glove.  The brushes will also look lovely with the pot dressed with the basket weave and it won’t make a metallic racket when you move it about, anti noise pollution.

Am hoping you enjoyed this little post on storage projects I’m working on for my room.  I haven’t finished fixing, noodling, and fidgeting about.  I’m about to attack my desk next, but I’m not so sure I’ll do a post on that one because it isn’t as relevant to beauty as these little planter pots turned out to be.

The hanging Skurar plant pots are also giving me loads of ideas though I don’t own any of those yet.  You don’t have to use the exact same IKEA items I did.  If you find any other “scored” (with holes) plant pots those will hold earrings nicely too, and it just occured to me I think even a stand kitchen grater with that pyramid-ish shape and all those little holes will also display earrings nicely if you perhaps spray paint it a different color.  Have any affordable DIY projects inspired you, lately? 🙂


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  • They look so pretty! I really wish we have IKEA here, too.

  • Awesome. I’ve been looking for a way to store my brushes. They kept getting bent. We’ve got an Ikea store in the city. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Great idea! They look good for the brushes. For the cotton, though, you might want to use a container with a top cover on it. =)

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    i <3

  • Danna

    I adore your peacock earrings. I’d love to find a pair like those. They’re very unique.