Urban Decay Build Your Own Kit, PT.2 – The Single Eyeshadows

Okay, if there’s anything I really splurged on in Singapore, and Noelle will agree, it was these reformulated Urban Decay single eyeshadows.  To be honest…I’m kind of, heck no, SUPER regretting I chose to get them in Singapore, because they were SGD$33 each (ouch!).  I remember even computing with my calculator in the store that these should cost way less in the U.S. (WAY LESS IN THE U-ESS) but I was still unfazed in that moment there in Sephora, Takashimaya and still all superficially googly eyed, as a result ’twas the type of “Sephora” receipt you’d hide from your husband (lmao).  It’s too bad I didn’t get over the initial elation as I pranced merrily over to the Urban Decay counter.  My friend, Noelle aka Kikayrunner, was too polite and kind (and needing to go to the ladies’ room badly lol)  to comment before I made my choice (next time, Nanay Noelle, you may wag that finger at me).  It is a major boo-boo ’cause I was able to  resist so many other great items while I was in Singapore for 10 days (didn’t buy a single item of clothing) because of these.  Photos in this post are taken with a friend’s 600D DSLR, was playin’ round with it (posts prior are with my Canon G1X).  If you haven’t read the Pt.1 post of when I received the custom palette itself go to this link.

CLOCKWISE: Snatch (pale peachy pink with gold glitter), Loaded (deep metallic emerald, luminous sheen no glitter), Naked (nude tan brown, matte), Rockstar (deep aubergine, luminous sheen no glitter)

I already got the palette from the U.S. before at the wonderfully low price of US $18, the special introductory price, but wisdom in the tank ran on empty when I was faced with the 4 eye candy “bullets” I was supposed to load that baby up with. The palette came with the default, matte highlight shade “Walk of Shame”, then I got four of them to meet the SG GST refund minimum (over SGD100), stupid.  Yea, yea I know no regrets dapat, but I truly wish now I’d been more patient and planned for someone in the U.S. to get them for me, because they’re way cheaper there even without  a GST refund, and the difference between there US$18, and this side of the world, US$24 is a painfully great one.  Yea, I told you, it’s like “What were you thinking, Julia”.  Read more to see where the ranting ends and the review begins LOL!!

I was way too much like a kid in a candy shop when I saw them and they each cost Php200 than a local MAC eyeshadow would (Php800) and the only feeble cushion to the blow is that they were overall less 7% GST after.  I must give Urban Decay the credit though, I love the innovative detachable eyeshadow housing and they’re tightly built, not cheaply assembled.  No more painstaking depotting unless you’d rather FULLY depot them for a magnetized palette.

I truly was not thinking straight because towards the end of my trip I hated how I was scrimping more than usual just because I bought 4 expensive single eyeshadows, learn from me, pleez do.  Anyhow, what’s done is done and they’re here, and it’s a good thing they’re great and exactly what they say they are ’cause otherwise I’d be more irritated that I landed this purchase.

NAKED – matte
ROCKSTAR – shimmer
LOADED – shimmer
SNATCH – shimmer & sparkle


Roughly worn on eyes clockwise, NAKED, ROCKSTAR, SNATCH, LOADED

I’m not wearing mascara or eyeliner in any of these photos (I skipped them for easy cleanup between takes).  These are just rough smoky applications I did with a MAC 239 brush so you get an idea of the color when applied.  The synthetic brush the palette comes with surprisingly works better for me as a flat travel concealer brush.  The textures of all shades I got are velvety smooth with a non-annoying amount of fallout.  The color pay off is beautiful especially that of the shade Rockstar.  The only one I’m not so satisfied with is Snatch because the pink is pretty but the gold sparkle falls out like crazy.  It gets all over your face up to your nose and cheeks no matter how neatly you apply it, unless you use a strong hold eye primer perhaps.  I merely brushed over my lids lightly with a buffing brush and cream foundation.  Rockstar on the other hand is my favorite shade, it’s an aubergine purple that’s not too warm nor too cool with just the right amount of depth and muteness.   If you’re wondering why my eyebrow shape shifted in these photos it’s only because of the varied tilt and distance of the camera, these are all handheld shots and I didn’t revise the eyebrows.

Thank you for putting up with me bashing my head into this post, it’s the first time I’ve majorly regretted a splurge because the price difference between this side of the world and the Western Hemisphere is so huge and I don’t get how I overlooked it.  If you haven’t seen how the Urban Decay build your own palette works together with the eyeshadow, watch as Refinery29’s beauty editor, Megan shows us how it’s done and why she loves it.


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  • I love Urban Decay’s eyeshadows! But yikes, the price difference is really huge. I’m sure you’ll be able to put them to good use though. 🙂

  • I love my UD build your own palette. So far I have Woodstock, Mushroom and Asphyxia..the colours you got are beautiful doll xx

  • Issa

    if it’s any consolation, you got the pretty shades Julia! they are very pigmented.. the palette looks so beautiful! 🙂

  • Akala ko naman the reason you were getting them was because they’d be cheaper LOL Pasensya na, the Kikay Runner doesn’t know one whit about makeup 🙂