Amazed by Aesop – High-End Botanical Australian skincare, kinda’ like Jurlique…

The brand I’m discussing today visually kind of matches the weather we’re having (cool and grey) and its products remind me of one brand that disappeared from retail.  It was sad  that a high-performance botanical brand like Jurlique, for example, had to leave the local market.  I believe in the gentle power of botanical ingredients and back then Jurlique was one of the few skincare brands that didn’t break me out.  The Benefit boutique in Greenbelt 5 now stands in its stead.  I do understand when people would rather not pay more than Php1000 or even Php500 for a simple tube of facial scrub unless you’ve got temperamental facial terrain on you.  The accumulative cost upon daily use is staggering when you commit to a high end cosmetic product.  Every now and then however, there are brands that make you think twice in spite of their hefty price tag and which upon first use ultimately become tattooed on your mind.  One of these brands for me is yet another luxury botanical brand called Aesop, which I first encountered in Takashimaya Mall along Orchard Road, Singapore with my friend Noelle.

Say “Aaaahhhh…”

The way Aesop as a brand is visually conceptualized blew me away.  Think of a minimalist, no-nonsense, classy and modern apothecary sort, and I think this neutral  design scheme also widens their appeal.  Both men and women are visually invited to partake of world-class skincare.  The brand does a lot of formulations with parsley, rosehip, pomegranate, and rosemary, just to name a few of a whole slew of botanicals they include.  I half expected a bloke in a white lab coat to come out with a mortar and pestle and prescription pad.  Certain products almost looked medicinal in their bottles…nothing too pink, dainty or flowery on any side of the Aesop “lab” (just the way mom would like it, actually).  I nearly walked out only with sample sachets from the salesperson in hand due to the staggering prices (think SGD$40-55 for medium bottles of good facial stuff).  I then noticed the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream which was tiny enough (the size of a Terramycin Triple antibiotic tube)  to feel barely affordable for me at SGD$21 (Php700).  Upon sampling, this turned out to be fan-bloody-tastic even with the tiniest amount.  This was recommended via Twitter when I asked my friend, Charlotte.

Key Ingredients

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil– An excellent source of Oleic, Linoleic and Linolenic acids. Renowned for its skin regenerative properties.
  • Tocopherol– The active constituent is Vitamin E, which primarily acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil– Complete steam-distilled essential oil, hydrates and balances skin.

The cream is an off-white yellowish type and it very QUICKLY absorbs into the lips colorless.  It provides hydration WITHOUT shine and is not at all oily or greasy.  It has the same hydrating effectiveness as Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream but leaves the opposite finish, non-glossy, matte hydration.  Some of you would prefer that texture beneath your favorite lipstick.  It’s also suitable as a moisturizer around the mouth not just on the lips.  I tried it on my mother because I had left my moisturizer in another bag.  There is somewhat of an herbal scent and the herbal taste can be a bit distracting at first but it shouldn’t make you gag, at least I don’t think so, and it goes away very quickly once the cream disappears into your lips.  Read more to get the full post and a few more opinions on some Aesop samples I tried.

The only super annoying con about this lip cream is the packaging.  When you open it the cream surges out on its own even without squeezing and it doesn’t stop, so you have to be super quick in getting just what you need and be fast about screwing the cap back on before wasting more.

I was hoping this product surge problem would stop after the first application from the tube, but it does it every time and I just end up moving quicker.  I’m hopeful that they’ll change the tube at some point since the product inside is so great.  This Aesop lip cream quickly became part of some of my travel essentials on my last Singapore trip this month, a separate post on that coming up.  Here’s a sneak peek but it isn’t everything, just a preview.


My family photo of Aesop samples is lacking one sachet and it happens to be my favorite out of the cleansing range so far.  I still had it that day but missed picking it up for the last photo.  It was the sample of  Aesop’s Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste.

“USE:  Dispense a teaspoon of Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste into the palm of your hand. With gentle force, work the formula over the face and neck, including the lips. Avoid the immediate eye area. Allow the Quartz and Lactic Acid to gently exfoliate by employing minimal pressure. Rinse well with tepid water and pat dry. Follow with your preferred Aesop toner and hydrating products.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Aroma: Active, Lavender, Earthy/ Product Texture: Fine Grain, Water Soluble Cream/Skin Feel: Polished, Exfoliated, Softened”

That outlined description of the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste with quartz granules is pretty much on the nose (quite literally as well).  They speak the truth.  I used this exfoliant paste twice in my last week in Singapore and after a couple of days the whiteheads that were seeking Zit promotion shrunk instead and gave up by the time I’d returned to Manila.  What I also love about Aesop skincare is the added benefit of soothing aromatherapy because almost every product smells like something concocted at a spa because of the mix of natural and scientifically approved ingredients.

The Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque also worked wonders and improved skin softness.  It did tighten up the face extremely after setting right before rinsing and was sort of reminiscent of the use of Plaster of Paris back in my college days.  The Parsley Seed facial cleanser I found to be okay but lacking in lather (for my liking) so I didn’t give that as much attention, but it should be great for cleansing extremely sensitive skin.  The Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Eye Cream deserves a generous shower of confetti because it is rich, hydrating, feels botanically active, and sinks into the skin really fast.  I only tried it for one evening.  If the prices are a bit daunting at Aesop for you (Takashimaya, SG) don’t be shy to diligently try testers and ask for a brochure and sachet samples from the friendly sales staff on board.  These samples were all certainly worth a go and I’m glad I made at least one purchase.  When I’ve consumed my current facial items I’ll get one  full size Aesop product in the future just because Aesop really improved my skin, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.  Aesop is available also on StrawberryNET right here.

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