K-Palette Meet & Greet with Noriko Imura PART1 – Plus an HD Event Video by Me!

Nobody really cared about the foul weather.  We all just really wanted to be at this event in Greenbelt 5 to meet K-Palette’s Lead Makeup Artist for product development, Noriko Imura.  She has been active in the beauty industry for over 20 years  (An Asian Lisa Eldridge? Possibly) and specializes in eyes and properly enhancing brows.  K-Palette, the brand of my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner “1-Day Tattoo” has been available at Beauty Bar for quite awhile now.  These are Japanese cosmetic products that suit basic makeup needs for brows and eyes and they perform, I’m telling you now,  in an almost unbelievably perfect way.  The K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo line just works and the products give you a fine finish.  The range consists of their famous liquid eyeliner and the ABSOLUTELY foolproof brow pens which remind me of the expensive Suqqu brow pens Lisa Eldridge loves using.

I know, I apologize, I never reviewed the black waterproof 1-Day Tatoo Real Lasting Eyeliner I first purchased way back, tried, and used up.  What makes it work is a wonderful waterproof formula that comes with a fineliner brush tip suitable maybe even for fine calligraphy!  I like it even better than the MUFE Aqua liner pen.  It was so great that I kept using it, and before I knew it before I could blog about it, it was used up and gone, LOL!  1-Day Tattoo is one of the top 3 liquid eyeliners in Japan and has sold 10 million pieces to this day since its release only a few years back.

They’re also currently promoting the Kuma concealer range which are liquid concealers particularly made for the under-eye area with added skincare benefits, available in 3 shades suited to Asian skin.  The texture actually reminds me of Michelle Phan’s favorite Amazing Concealer.  These products are all currently available at Beauty Bar outlets.  Watch the video event I edited last night which I shot in full HDwith my new camera, yay.  Sorry if it was a bit blurred often just at the start, I was still learning how to adjust the video settings, but overall I think it came out fab!  This video contains highlights of the 3-hour meet and greet/slash product demonstration with the super talented Noriko Imura.  The president of K-Palette also flew in from Japan along with the brand’s representatives from Singapore as well!  It was one of the most “sulit” jampacked makeup demonstrations I’d ever been to and one of the major events I’ve most enjoyed and been inspired by so far.


Thank you so much K-Palette and Beauty Bar, will blog about the product samples I came away with soon after this :)! For more information follow K-Palette Philippines’ Facebook page.

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  • Issa

    I’ve been lemming for this for a few months na… can’t wait for your review 🙂

  • Haha. She came to Malaysia too. Came across your blog trying to find more information on her for my blog. 😉 Great job, keep it up.

  • Elise

    Hi, been an avid reader of your blog! 🙂 But can’t help sharing my love for K-Palette. I love K-Palette products (and thanks to Beauty Bar for bringing them here) specially their 24-HR Brown Liquid Eyeliner and Brow Liquid Liner in No. 2. It really lasts all day and perfect for everyday natural make-up looks. I’ve also bought recently their Okuma Liquid Concealer in no. 2 which is a yellow shade (perfect for asians). I like using it in my under-eye area to cover my really dark circles then adding a layer of my laura mercier secret concealer on top, and on the sides of my nose to cover redness. ^_^