Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara – Reunited with My Favorite Daily Mascara

I went through about 2 or 3 tubes of Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof mascara in late high-school to college (1999-2003), that being said it was obviously a no-fail go-to mascara for me.  My memory is kind of blank on how mom and I both had several tubes of this (and then later on L’oreal Telescopic) during that period of my life since it wasn’t available here in the Philippines, or was it (someone correct me if I’m wrong)?  Because if it wasn’t here locally, it can only mean that my Ninang who goes to the U.S. very often probably gave us a multi-pack of this mascara.  To my knowledge this is available right now only in the U.S. and if you’re looking for simple “pasalubong” choices make sure this is one of them.

This is not one of Maybelline’s brightly colored tube mascaras you’ll see plastered across the pages of recent magazines with crazy-ass wand morphing here and there.  This gives performance without the hype and I think it’s one of the most overlooked mascaras in the drugstore market in the U.S., but just the fact that it’s still part of the mascara range up to now proves that people just KEEP BUYING IT or repurchasing it.  The label has slightly changed in that the lettering is smaller but the tube and colorway is exactly the same, silver and navy.  The long wand makes art directing lashes quite foolproof.  I then realized that this one I spotted via Ebayhas been updated, it has Vitamin E in the formula.  Low density lashes may prefer the Volum Express range for more thickness, but medium density to thick lashes will love this mascara that is “very natural-looking…” but noticeable according to Mom.   All I remember is, Mom and I  absolutely loved it all the way through, ’til our tubes could give us no more.  That being said, when the apocalypse hits, I’d be glad if I could ration a few tubes of this HG (holy grail) mascara because of sentimental value and because it keeps my lashes curled but touchable and feathery soft without smudging.    Read more to see photos of me wearing my all-time favorite.

Here is a quick before and after before a few profile photos to prove that this is a great defining and separating mascara.  What I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like is this waterproof formula is special because it says at the back of the packaging that it’s an easy to remove type once you truly want it to come off.  You won’t be rubbing your eyes silly.

What’s super great about this mascara is it enhances lashes without making them “crunchy” and the standard brush type wand with normal bristles together with a smooth, not too thick, clump-free formula separates lashes without making them spidery and also makes them look slightly wispy with tapered lash tips.

This mascara only costs about $7-8 in the U.S., I got a pair of these for a total of $23/1012Php (shipping included).  If you factor in that Maybelline Volum Express mascaras here cost Php450 each then it’s not unreasonable that my two tubes of this cost around Php500 each (they’re not even in ready retail in Singapore).  By the way, be on the alert for one of my next posts because what you’re looking at right now is my spare tube of Maybelline Full ‘N Soft which will be part of a giveaway just for one of you!  Keep your eyes peeled and all will be revealed.

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  • Lee

    This one flakes and smudges on me really bad, Ate Julia. huhu Buti it works for you. 🙂 Maybe because my skin is oily, thus, the flaking.

  • Issa

    oh I love the Magnum Volum express in yellow tube! it really makes a remarkable difference to my lashes…. i haven’t tried this one… this looks interesting! 🙂

  • kara

    I LOVE Maybelline products nowadays, they really stepped up but I HATE that a LOT of those products are not available in the Philippines! Can we write a letter or something?!?! Its ridiculous!!

  • Alexis Araneta

    This looks interesting. I have the Magnum Volume one too. They should bring it here so we can try. Hahaha!