Jordana Lipsticks – Php99 From The Dollar Store

My friend, Noelle, gave me a value-for-money lipstick last Christmas.  It surprised me when I first swiped it because it was a Jordana Matte lipstick (Taupe) that swatched and looked almost exactly like a MAC lipstick I used to own (Amorous)…only a hint lighter.  Jordana is a brand of cosmetics found at The Dollar Store which has a branch in Alabang Town Center and at Market Market as well.  I’ve used Jordana Taupe several times on morena models at shoots and it happened to be the perfect defining, non-dead nude for medium skin tones and a great warm evening shade for someone as fair as me.  After that first Jordana lipstick, I had to find a few more.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Taupe (matte)/Brown/Hazelnut/Beige Glow/Malibu

That Jordana Matte one felt and smelt like a MAC lipstick so much that I knew I had to hunt them.  Sadly, it’s a U.S. brand that’s poorly and rarely restocked locally, there’s so much waste on the shelves because customers shamelessly open new stock just to test.  I was on the hunt for the matte variants (in the gold tube) but practically all were sold out (except for a concealer nude that would erase the lips) and the salesladies said they had no idea how soon that brand would be restocked.  Read more to see the lipsticks applied and get the full review.


I scored 5 of the regular long-wearing satin finish lipsticks in the silver tubes (flavored/scented like synthetic melon, not bad) but I refuse to show the black one because it wasn’t what I hoped it would be, it wasn’t opaque at all.  What I like about the formula of the rest is it isn’t slippy at all, they’re quite waxy like MAC lipsticks and won’t wear away quite so easily.  I’m only showing you guys 4 plus the 1 matte one Noelle gave me.

The utterly beautiful on-the-nose trend shade that made it into my scoop up at The Dollar Store is Brown.  It’s a plain name for such a beautiful, vampy IT shade that shouted Rouge Noir the moment I put it on.

This shade, Hazelnut, screams Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, doesn’t it?!  It’s a lovely futuristic shade for editorial, space-age, steam punk looks.  It’s also mildly goth.

This is my collection’s eldest.  It may look simple or plain among the bunch but for TV commercials and natural looks this shade is a winner, it’s also the one with a texture most like MAC lipsticks.

Malibu is a pretty, rose gold pink, I kind of took second glances at this and Beige Glow, the next one, because they were quite similar but this one is lighter and more golden.  This would suit someone slightly more fairer than me better.

This is my personal everyday favorite, Beige Glow…it’s a midtone, mauvey, sheen-y beige and I like that it has a pearlescent glow because it gives more definition to the lips without the need for a lipliner.  Jordana lipsticks are available at The Dollar Store outlets in Alabang Town Center and Market Market, limited stocks only for now.  I really hope they restock soon because I’d like to own more of the matte shades.

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  • alice

    hi!so happy to find a Filipina make up site! this is completely off post-topic, but have you ever broken out from the MUD cream foundation? do you think it can double up as a concealer? thanks! much love

  • There’s a Jordana advertisement here in my city, I just don’t know if it’s an outlet or just a reseller. I might check it out soon, the Taupe lippy got me curious. I wonder how it would go with my morena complexion. =)

  • Tina

    Thanks for this post – I’m always on the lookout for “uncommon,” drugstore brands here. I’ve actually checked the Jordana shelves in The Dollar Tree in Alabang Town Center for their mascaras, etc which are supposed to be good, but I’ve never found them 🙁 I’ll check the lipsticks out for sure!

  • Issa

    I got interested too with Taupe! it doesn’t look plain at all, it’s gorgeous! 🙂

  • April

    Oh I love the Taupe one…will definitely look for it at ATC! I have the Jordana Lipliner in Brickstone courtesy of The Makeupholics and I LOVE LOVE IT! It’s quite similar to the Brown LS you have here… 🙂

    PS – Not sure if The Makeupholics also sell Jordana LS… hhhmmm..

  • Tani

    I found them! I scored 2 matte lippies in Brazil (an orangey-brown) and Blushed (bubble-gum pink) from The Dollar Store in Sta. Lucia East. Love!

  • Bea

    ^ :O There’s a Dollar Store in Sta. Lucia East too?? Gotta find that, I’ve been wanting to try more Jordana stuff!

  • Novbah Somorostro

    where you can fin dollar store in the philippines?

  • Osh Sakaguchi

    Hi. By any chance, do you think they also have Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color?