Before & After Trial, Conclusive Post – Help:Clear Skin (Anti-Zit Soluble Protein) by Works With Water UK

Okay, it’s taken me a LOOOOOOONG while to get this up and although my excuses are valid I’d still like to apologize.  Four months ago I placed my teenage brother on a Help: Clear Skin 1-Month trial, which is a soluble fiber product by Works With Water UK containing lactoferrin, a milk protein that inhibits the population growth of zit-causing bacteria.

For more information, pricing, and initial details on the product please refer to my introductory Help: Clear Skin blog post here.

The Help: Clear Skin trial consisted of a daily dosage for one month, ergo 4 boxes of it (press sample).  My “before” photo of my brother wasn’t too clear because I was too near and wasn’t using my HD mobile phone cam.  It also wasn’t one of his worse zit days (believe me, I’ve seen worse with more enlarged cystic ones).  To be discreet for my brother I’ve saved his before and after photos for after the excerpt jump.  Please click on Read More to see the results.

This is my brother’s “before” photo, too near, sorry, but you can see his troubled skin.  This isn’t on one of the super bad days though.  My mistake with this “before” photo is I took it too close…and my “after” photos are taken wider with my HD mobile camera, but it’s okay because I have a bonus for this before-and-after feature.  You’ll see why, because it’s not just two photos.

BEFORE DOSAGE (above photo): End of April, 2012 (so basically after this he drank Help: Clear Skin for the entire month of mid-May up to mid-June)

AFTER 1 MONTH OF FULL DOSAGE (above photo): July 10, 2012.  So what my mother and I noticed was realistically my brother’s skin didn’t become “perfect”…BUT throughout almost the entire month he was taking Help:Clear Skin, the large cystic acne zits he used to have around the nose and mouth didn’t show up like they normally would.  He wasn’t getting the HUGE painful zits anymore, the smaller zits would barely surface, and his face was also generally less oily.  I didn’t “PREP” him for any of these photos mind you, I would just randomly call him over and what you see is what you get.

AFTER 1 MONTH OF NO INTAKE after trial (above photo) August 10, 2012 : After consuming his press sample supply I decided to take a photo of his skin regressing to what it was like before he ever tried Help: Clear Skin, as you can see here more clearly his enlarged cystic acne spots are reappearing, he has a few smaller zits that are bleeding already and his skin is regularly oily again.  S0 this is even more proof that Help: Clear skin actually helped…because without taking it the huge zits reappeared.

There is no difference between the Help: Clear Skin product in either the pink or blue boxes.  The blue carton was a requested redesign for men who wanted to use it as well.   For more information, pricing, and initial details on the product please refer to my introductory Help: Clear Skin blog post here.

*UK press sample

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  • Great review! I like that you let us see what happened after one month of no intake.