Payless City Sneaks Slip-On Sneakers – Lighter & More Affordable

Not on the market for a hip pair of Vans or Toms shoes?  They’re both awesome brands but the prices tend to skyrocket don’t they?  You might want to try a pair of these City Sneaks Slip-Ons which are available at Payless.  They’re Php645.00 a pair and they have them in wides and half-sizes.   I got these at the shiny new Lucky Chinatown Mall branch in Binondo but there are so many Payless shoe outlets with common stock on hand.  If you’re on call in the medical or physical therapy fields these could prove to be happy working shoes.  My size is a 6W (wide).  Please excuse the cat hairs in the next few photos.

Shoe sizes that suit are relative to your foot shape.  I’d say these shoes are great for feet of medium heft (not so slender) that are slightly wide, but I think they also carry non-wide sizes.  I love that they make your feet look slim even if they’re not.  There’s some wonderful trickery intertwined in the shape even for people with “kankles” like mine (large ankles).  I got both pairs, in black and white because they’re just sooo wearable.   If you’re an artist they’re also great for customizing with paints and pens (gives oneself an idea).

These are not as heavy and chunky as Vans awesome slip-ons but the soles are much thicker than Toms.  The rubber soles are also non-marking if I’m not mistaken so you shouldn’t easily scuff floors with these and you’ll still be walking sturdy in them.  These City Sneaks have got good density somewhere in the way between Vans and Toms and the quality kind of reminds me of Keds.  A good dupe for pricy Toms slip-ons are also in Payless and what I’m talking about are the Airwalk slip-ons which bear a striking similarity to Toms it’s just that they don’t carry a charitable cause.  I nearly walked away with those Airwalk ones but I needed shoes with thicker soles for wet days.  Again, these were Php645.00 per pair from Payless Shoe Source PH.

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  • Iris

    I like the simple and comfortable style…definitely on my shopping list this week. Miss Julia thanks for providing very informative reviews. Can you give suggestions for a good concealer, I have blotchy skin and a bit puffy eyes especially in the mornings. Thank you in advance and more power to you.

  • These remind me of kung fu shoes I own when I was a kid. It conformed to my feet and very easy to wear! Nice find!