No.7’s Massive Relaunch & Lisa’s Giveaway Video – Product Development Chat by Lisa Eldridge

I run the risk of sounding like a “fangirl” this way, but so what if I do, I simply have to share this.  Lisa Eldridge is a true cosmetic guru.  There is no doubt about her decades of passion and expertise as a high fashion and celebrity makeup artist and more recently her cosmetic product development work with brands like Shiseido and Boots No.7.

Draw up names like Katy Perry, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Liv Tyler…you can name a few more and more than likely Lisa has done their faces once, twice, or who knows…perhaps even thrice.  She’s done magazine cover work for Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle, and even for Vogue UK, Italy, Turkey plus more.  She’s endearingly shared her makeup wisdom via her blog and on her YouTube makeup channel to swarms of hopeful women while displaying how she’s done celebrity and model looks.  Budding make-up artists like myself all over the world flock to her channel for the latest cosmetic scoop from the European scene.

Anyway, to cut to it…the cosmetic brand Boots No.7 is doing a massive relaunch and Lisa’s got a giveaway going your way and I thought you might like to know about it.  She chats up the whole world about No.7’s new investment in innovative skintone detecting technology, a whole new range of No.7 foundations, and lots, lots, more.


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  • After this post, I had to google her as her name sounded so family! Haha
    She def is one of the top celeb MU artists there is 🙂