Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush – Quick Review and HD Video Demo!

When this product for review by Charm Makeup Brushes arrived for me as a bonus along with its award-winning “barangay” from the 14-pc Vegan set (yes, they’ll be up, soon) I was overcome with excitement.  I was always wanting something similar to the flat top  Sigma F80 which Lisa Eldridge used  in only 2 or 3 of her videos including this Minimal Makeup one.  I get a sense that this Charm Luxe Flat Top brush I was sent is the best value local dupe for the one Lisa uses.  I still love my Ecotools big Bronzing buffer brush for fast overall application but this is great to use on people with smaller features and its smaller size makes it easier to refine makeup in harder to reach areas on the face.

“Created with densely packed, ultra soft, synthetic bristles, the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush ensures you a wonderful time in front of your vanity mirror as you enjoy the silky softness of the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush, and see flawless results with it.  It’s great for applying loose mineral foundation, or pressed foundation, to ensure even, buildable, flawless coverage on the face!PRICE: PHP600.00, SHIPPING: FREE @

Base: MUD Make Up Designory Cream Foundation applied with Charm Luxe Flat Top brush

What a lot of people haven’t realized locally about  kabuki and big dense buffing brushes is they can be used for cake/cream/liquid bases as well and not just for mineral and powder foundation.  Lisa made that point in her Minimal Makeup video.  In fact brushes like this one do a good job of bringing out the pristine quality of these foundations because briskly but gently buffing in a circular motion over the skin warms up the product and applies it in a way that doesn’t “mask” your entire face.  I’m even inclined to call the buffing method kind of a “manual” airbrush technique because people have asked me before if I used an airbrush to apply my makeup because they thought I did.  Here’s a simple HD video demo of one way I do just my base using the Charm Luxe Flat Top brush and a few other products.

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