Blog Breakaway | Limited Edition Minute Steak Meals Php395 @ 2nd’s

Bless those bellies!  The following four yummy value-for-money gourmet dishes will only be around at 2nd’s for the next 10 days until October ends.  Having attended the food tasting with my good friends, the owners of 2nd’s Restaurant in BGC Fort (behind Nike @ HighStreet), I can guarantee you won’t forget these 4 yummy minute steak meals when they’re gone.  So make it quick and bring a friend for lunch or dinner!  All dishes are Php395.00 each. (Enumerated just for the blog).

1. Minute Steak & Eggs
-Grilled and served with Ketchup Beurre Blanc and Bacon & Potato Hash.
2. Minute Bistecca Fiorentina
-Seasoned with Rosemary & Lemon. Served with Cherry Tomato & Arugula Aglio Olio on pasta
Part owners, Director Luis and his brother, top golfer Miguel Tabuena digging into Minute Bistecca Fiorentina.
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A little art direction here and there…just before consumption.

2nd’s Marketing Manager, Nadine Howell,  inspects the dishes before a quick photo shoot.  Ahhh! Excellence in the details.

3. Minute Steak Frites
-Grilled and served with HP Hollandaise Sauce & Frites (Thin french fries). (I absolutely loved the sauce… <3 )
3. Lola’s Minute Steak a la Pobre
-Topped with garlic and served with Steamed Rice (this is what Robin Nievera ordered).


Chef Miko Reyes, Robin Nievera , and Nadine Howell…stuffed.
With tummies full and taste buds pampered we sit back and survey the damage.  Among the four dishes I super loved the HP Hollandaise sauce of the Steak Frites one, but really enjoyed the Steak and Eggs & Fiorentina dishes as well-rounded meals.  Don’t forget to check these out soon, these will only be on the menu Monday-Friday ’til the End of October.
Of course, Luis (aka “Weedge” to us) pointed out during the inclusive wine tasting that one bottle of dry rose wine was undoubtedly mine and just happened to have my name on it, plus it happened to be one of the good ones (naks).  You can step up into 2nd Restaurant from 9th Street at BGC HighStreet in Fort.  Follow 2nd’s Restaurant’s on Facebook and  @backfor2nds on Twitter.

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