Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes – Better Than The Blue One

I’ve heard one or two people praise the bulk of blue Neutrogena wipes available at S&R, those seem to be the only legit makeup removing wipes there last I checked.  However my cousin and the same people who said they were good complained that those more or less sting the eyes when you use them around that area.  These don’t have too mild a scent, but they don’t hurt my eyes and I’ve come to the end of the pack.

I got these at Watsons in Singapore for about SGD$11/12 but I’m going to scout around locally again to see if these are already available.  They’re great and they do get waterproof makeup almost completely off.  Here’s a tip.  Most wipes, even great ones can’t completely get waterproof mascara, pencil, and eye makeup completely off your lashes.  Wrap your index finger with a wipe like this and lightly dip in a little lite baby mineral oil (try not to gasp, mineral oil isn’t evil or fatal in small amounts) or if you prefer, extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil (Human Nature Sunflower Oil Cleanser *non emulsifying* is The Bomb) and rub gently across the lashline and carefully work the roots of the lashes till it all comes off.  I personally recommend and use bottled makeup remover and cotton pads to remove makeup but because I ran out I was just using the last few wipes I had left in this pack.  I like that it contains 25 towelettes, a lot but not too much so the pack isn’t too bulky to bring along.  I carried these in my professional kit because male talents/models in shoots prefer to use wipes to remove their makeup.  I now officially need to restock.  I’ll be going to Hong Kong in 3 days to escape Halloween (which I am sooo not fond of) so I’ll check if these are available there or if there any other types of wipes that impress me.

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  • Mandy

    I have those wipes in the blue bag. I love it because it can remove waterproof mascara, but yeah, it does sting. I remember buying a packet of these cheapie makeup remover wipes from Watson’s and they work well, but the wipe itself is not soft/cushy to the skin (like Neutrogena is), so I stopped buying. Plus, it dries easily if not used often.

  • Have you tried Glam Works? It works pretty well for me plus it’s very affordable! 🙂 I made a review here: