Speaking of Sampleroom…

When my good friend, top beauty blogger slash Charm brush businesswoman, Sophie Uy, invited me on board as a partner blogger for Sampleroom.ph I was EXCITED and DELIGHTED.  Before I got to know Sophie better her reputation had already preceded her.  In business, Sophie’s Charm makeup brush sets were recently given the seal of approval by the COSMO beauty awards.  She happens to be one of the most highly revered and honest pioneer beauty bloggers in the country with her blog beautynomics.com, and if you happen to supposedly be one of the first bloggers approached by the likes of  MAC cosmetics as early as 2007/2008 you’re probably one of the best online.  When Sophie points out that something is good I have next to no doubt that it’s something worth checking out.  So it’s time to give you a little introduction to Sophie’s most recent beauty project, it has to do with beauty samples and it isn’t a box, this is Sampleroom!


Sampleroom is to a certain effect similar to an online beauty forum like Makeup Alley where women rate and swap beauty items in the U.S.  What Sampleroom aims to be is an online beauty base where you can sample the best products, post reviews, and read the thoughts of other beauty lovers like yourself.  Be guided and inspired by the sincere musings and reviews of Sampleroom’s chosen partner bloggers (once we get cracking and reviewing) or embark on your own beauty sampling adventure as a Sampleroom member!

The Sampleroom team wants to build a community of beauty enthusiasts that help each other by reviewing great products while at the same time bringing the industry’s best beauty samples AS YOU PICK THEM right to your doorstep.  Read more to get more information about the benefits of being a member and see me featured as a partner blogger in the Sampleroom site screenshots!

Partner bloggers who were chosen, like myself, have the privilege of once in awhile trying full size samples to review and rate for you guys on the site but what’s great about Sampleroom is with their points system everyone has the chance to save for more little or full size samples when they’re made available.  In fact when you first sign up you’ll automatically be given 100 points to start you off on your sampling spree.



By the way being active on Sampleroom is where it’s at because you get the chance to become member of the month and whoever is member of the month will be receiving amazing gifts from the Sampleroom team!  Basically, in my observation, what I do appreciate about Sampleroom is it gives you the power of choice, while beauty boxes are fun and exciting it can sometimes be frustrating to receive a box of stuff where you might like one or two things but the rest you didn’t really sign up for.  It’s also important to note that right now the brand partners mentioned on the Sampleroom site are just a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Believe me, because I’m a partner blogger I know some of the brands they have in store for you and ho boy will you be smiling ear to ear if you knew.  What’s here in this screenshot…you ain’t seen nothing yet, they’re still keeping the rest under wraps so they don’t spoil the surprise when it comes to the brands that are supporting Sophie’s super exciting beauty venture.  Right now Sampleroom  just finished releasing their first wave of samples…the site was overrun with girls excited for Sampleroom so they’ll be replenishing sample stocks on the site soon.  If you’d like to get more samples than your points can afford, payments can be made via Paypal or bank deposit as well.  Go the the Sampleroom website here at Sampleroom.ph for more information.  Don’t forget to like Sampleroom PH on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @SampleRoomPh as well for updates!

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