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Out & About | Puno-Calaguas Nuptials 12.15.2012

As a professional makeup artist I’m blessed to be able to work through the colorful spectrum of jobs available.  In between the bread and butter of advertising I try and fit in bridal makeup whenever I can. 

Gown by: Niño Dominic Angeles

Every time I nab a nuptial I learn or spot something new that inspires me and I’m glad Cookie & Charles had me on board for their big day.


Maid of Honor, Meryl and Bride, Cookie

Makeup by: Julia Arenas



I think about what many couples ought to bring home in planning for their big day. What Cookie & Charles did well is shedding off distractions that need not be part of the main event. These two kept it simple and while they had a small handful of chaotic moments they still focused on each other MORE (sorry no photo of the groom). This path of simplicity by no means diminishes the meaningful union, in fact I believe it strengthens it by nipping stress at the bud. Not that there are weddings without any form of stress, I just strongly believe it’s more ideal to keep unhealthy adrenalin at bay so you can have ultimate macro focus on what really matters, each other. In other words, less CAN be (not always is) more. I have the same approach when it comes to wedding makeup. While I am given the power to intensify the bride’s look to the nines and slap heavier layers on if it please me… I choose not to unless I’m asked to or given an exact photo peg I’m requested not to stray from. I try to make it just intense enough so that the camera picks up an obvious enhancement. I choose to work finely rather than heavily unless the bride’s preference requires me to. Thankfully in weddings this restrained but more intimate interpretation of bridal beauty has served me and my clients well so far. My main aim is to always make the bride refreshingly radiate rather than “transform” into someone they’re not. This mobile photo is certainly overexposed, light was way too harsh, (the makeup is much more defined and intense otherwise) but I quite like how happy Cookie looks here.

Hair: Tricia Hermosura

I have the groom in mind half the time as I do the bride’s makeup. I think of them cheek to cheek, forehead to forehead and all that cheese. There are small things I consider carefully that help this along. Like when I think thrice before using full strip eyelashes, instead I work with small demi segments or lash clusters, adding between the lashes where needed. Full strip lashes (the wrong ones anyway) can spell out F-A-L-S-E before you can say “lash”. They produce cosplay eyes that might fan the pastor out the window or bat your groom through the ground with a single blink. I’m highly imaginative so I think of a dozen possible perspectives on the bride’s makeup that help shape my interpretation of what would enhance her best. What’s most important to me is that the day’s leading lady looks like the best version of herself ever…pressingly familiar yet captivating. For bridal handiwork I’d much rather people see a very beautiful lady first before noticing the makeup. If you’d like to recommend me as a makeup artist for a friend or relative’s special day check out my work folio at or email me at

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