The Beautiful Ones | RIP 12.14.2012

In the wake of the awful tragedy that besieged Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook elementary blogging about products has not been top of mind this last weekend.  Everything else seems so trivial after these 20 children and 6 of their school teachers and administrators just recently passed away.  I mourn with you, America, and no matter what terrible things the world has to say to you at this time and even if many of these things are true EVERY country has SOMETHING wrong with it.  This happened to you now, and I’m in no position to say why…but I can cry with you and pray for you.



ADULTS who were killed: Victoria Soto – 27, Rachel Davino – 29, Lauren Rousseau – 30, Dawn Hochsprung – 47, Anne Marie Murphy – 52,  Mary Sherlach – 56

I don’t have photos of the adults right now but all I can say is…they are superheroes in my eyes.  One of the teachers who passed away was my age, Victoria Soto.  Lord, please calm my confusion and speak to me…and speak to their loved ones.  Send people to help the families of all these wonderful children and teachers move through their pain.

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  • Issa

    this is really heartbreaking… i feel so sad about this incident. with Christmas coming up in a few days, I cannot imagine how their families feel. 🙁