Avene Skincare, The Experts in Sensitive Skin | Now at Selected Mercury Drugstores

If you love hunting through European skincare, as I do, you certainly would have heard of Avene’s range…with its powerful yet gentle sun protection formulas and hydrating mild cleansers.  This cult drugstore brand for sensitive skin, until recently, was only available from drugstores abroad in Hong Kong or Singapore.  It’s mentioned by the like of makeup artists like the UK’s one and only Lisa Eldridge (you knew I was going to say that name) and one of my aunts mentioned before that she was quite dependent on it.  While I’m not quite sure which products from the range they brought in…checking from FB it looks like they brought in most of them.


They launched here at the end of November just shortly after Black Friday abroad but I didn’t hear about it either…a toast to ye old turtle now, aka yours truly.  To acquire some Avene goodness you only need look in the Mercury Drugstores at either Shangrila Mall Edsa G/f, Glorietta 3 G/f, or Trinoma G/f!  That is if they still have stock on hand.  I’m sorry this update is 2 weeks late.  I’ve not been a local feed reader lately.  I’m really just not the sort with a feed I.V. plugged into me.  However keep yourself up to date on all things Avene in the local scene by liking the Avene Philippines Facebook page here.

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  • Issa

    haven’t heard of this… looks interesting and I hope you get to review some of them 🙂 Merry Christmas Julia! 🙂

  • I’m so happy to have Avene available in the Philippines at last! 🙂 I can easily replenish my skincare army now. Yay!!