Reviewing the First Christmas – Overlooked Aspects and What Matters Most

Hi, everyone!  To put it bluntly I just can’t sleep and later I won’t have the time nor peace of mind to post anything for you…in fact none of you may have a moment to yourselves to even be reading this post on this very day, but just in case some of you do have spare minutes I’ve left a little film for you to watch.


There are many traditional views on the birth of Jesus but digging deeper into the Bible has revealed some incidental aspects that may change many things about the Nativity story as most of you know it, but there’s nothing to be fearful of because these details will never change the things that matter most about the beginning of the greatest story ever told.  I invite you to watch this lovely entertaining, informative and yet heartfelt video “Retooning the Nativity.”  As Emma Thompson had to confirm with her lobster bedecked daughter in the movie Love Actually, “So there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?”.  Merry Christmas!

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