My Lil’ Black Book of Beauty Online | MUAs & Beauty Vloggers Abroad Pt.1

You have no idea how much labor went into this whale of a post but I’m excited.  Just now (editing this statement in hours later) I’ve decided to break it into 2 parts…this is the entire tube club, people with channels/videos you can watch.  I’m separating the blogs that are famous for being reading blogs and whose authors don’t have super active YouTube channels.  This has taken forever and become too long because first I thought both the video channels and reading blogs I follow would fit well into one post.  Then I became a bit too obsessive about what to say, which pictures to use, and what links to recommend, etc.  I cared about the content so much that after gathering most of what I needed I now have a proper migraine that will certainly postpone my inclusion of some of the photo sources.  In the absence of a proper blogroll on the site (I know how many millenia have passed not to mention the end of the world) this post is way overdue.  As you’ll notice none of the familiar faces below are Filipino…for this edition.  I’m saving another separate post for local bloggers.  In no way does this mean I’m discriminating in my selection of beauty sources, it’s just the honest truth, that I discovered most of these foreign individuals first before realizing there were famous Filipina beauty bloggers thriving since 2005.  Before knowing the beauty “blogosphere” ever existed I lived in a vacuum of seemingly endless deadlines due to my former job.  One day, I clicked and began watching Michelle Phan and the Pixiwoo sisters then something broke free inside of me…I suddenly knew what it was that I really wanted to do.


Once upon 3 years ago I began following most of these wonderful people.  They’re a hearty mix of both self-taught vloggers, beauty editors, plus seasoned makeup professionals and I learned more about beauty than I could ever hope to know from the comfort of my own bedroom…or whatever was my bedroom at the time.  Eventually, I resigned from post production having started my blog for a year and I began my second career as a freelance makeup artist.  Today I will, in concise detail as a beauty blogger and makeup artist, share these wonderful individuals with you since I keep tabs of each of them online and wholeheartedly tell you I why I follow them.  A couple of these people are slightly recent discoveries I’ve made and I’m excited to see what everyone will bring to the scene for this year!  You’ll have to forgive me, I should have finished this before the work week began while all of you still had time to read while vegging out.  Anyway, read more to get to who they are, their channels/URLs etc, proper descriptions, and larger photos.

*Note, last few descriptions in this post are still being edited (aka finished), but if the page loads please feel free to keep reading





LISA ELDRIDGE, MakeUp Professional | CHANNEL:  | BLOG:  Twitter: @Lisa_Eldridge

All Time Product Faves –
Marilyn Monroe Look,
Emma Watson Elle Cover
Quick Makeup –
Kate Winslet Red Carpet –

Why are you all not surprised that she comes first?  Her channel is like honey to the JuliaBee and her kazillionth  intro deserves to be the longest.  Lisa Eldridge is one of the UK’s A-list makeup artists who has been enjoying a boom in popularity on her YouTube channel for the past 2 years or so.  Gifted with impeccable taste, gentle manner, chill camera presence and soft spoken speech it’s extremely difficult to doubt anything that Lisa shares or advises in her online tutorials or product reviews.  Any product she holds up to the screen and says more than two phrases about flies off beauty counters throughout Europe and the U.S..  Having done both models and celebrities (e.g. Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Liv Tyler, the honorable Kate Winslet etc.) high fashion editorials or red carpet events, Lisa has made a huge artistic contribution with her craft for just over 20 years.  She currently has a column with Elle magazine and previously did a couple of years of product development with Shiseido in Japan before becoming Creative Director for UK cosmetic brand Boots No.7.  Here’s a “batchmate” of Lisa’s in the makeup industry, they both apprenticed under the same person.  This next woman is no less prestigious in the sort of career she’s had.




Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Professional | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @CTilburyMakeup 

Kate Moss Vogue Cover Look via Lisa
Brown Smoky Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury should have a gong hit or blast of trumpets following the mention of her name.  Charlotte, a “batchmate” of Lisa’s, having apprenticed under the same senior artist as her,  is known in the industry as a makeup artist who services some of the biggest designer brand campaigns in the business.  Names like Burberry, Burberry Body (the Rosie Huntington-Whitely campaign) Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford Beauty last fall, D&G, Stuart Weitzman, celebrities and the list goes on…have benefited from her sheer talent in making faces jump off a page or into the scene with intensity or flawless serenity.  A few years back Charlotte was also on board for the highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Angels fashion show, bringing to life some of the most alluring faces behind the catwalk.  She’s particularly known for her expertise in creating the most rich, sultry, bold but not garrish feline smoky eyes that never lack a deep sweep of  eyeliner.  At this point, having mentioned that Charlotte and Lisa apprenticed for the same person twice, it’s time to bring that person into the picture or rather bring in a picture of that person.  The woman who taught both of them is nothing short of legendary and is still very much present in the industry today.  She’s also quite busy randomly catering to A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Kate Moss and so forth.  She only also happens to keep close ties with the Royal Family ’til this day ever since Princess Diana herself chose this comforting, joyful woman as her personal favorite makeup artist until her sudden death several years ago.

Mary Greenwell_02


Mary Greenwell_03


Mary Greenwell, Makeup Professional  | Twitter: @MaryGreenwell
Videos via Lisa’s Channel:
Natural Look –,
Evening Smoky Look

When the Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton at the time, did her own makeup for the Royal wedding people were curious about who gave her private makeup lessons, that trusted person reportedly may have been Mary Greenwell who did Princess Diana’s makeup for her Royal Wedding.  Mary’s makeup and support in Diana’s style transformation made its mark as eventually Diana was requested to make appearances for photoshoots and fashion covers.  I’ll have to double confirm whether it was truly Mary who gave Kate the lessons or not, but it more than likely was the case.  Mary is known for her “slap-dash” approach to applying makeup as Lisa says in her intro of her mentor, she isn’t particularly too careful while scoping a person’s facial terrain she just has a blast and goes for it while layering and blending products to her liking and for some reason things just come together beautifully although seemingly chaotic just at the start.  She detests sponges and makeup brushes for base application which she says is just her personal preference, though she does use brushes for eye detailing and applying powder products.  Mary claims it’s her more relaxed approached to makeup that makes something creatively grow on someone’s face as she does application.  Nothing is ever too overthought (that’s when wrong strokes begin taking shape), with brief and objectives in mind choose the right products and just charge…with flair.  That’s Mary’s way.  If Lisa and Charlotte were “batchmates” under Mary, Mary’s time was alongside these names: Francois Nars, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin…you get it, her time alongside those talented people was the age of the supermodels.  These 3 women I’ve just mentioned I feel deserved the longest introductions.  Now lets move on to some of the younger professionals of my generation who are also making waves in the YouTube scene.


nicandsam_pixiwoo_03 pammy_pixiwoo

Samantha Chapman & Nicola Chapman-Haste, Makeup Professionals | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: Nic – @nixiepixi, Sam – @Pixiwoos

Sam’s Pam Anderson look,
Nic’s JLo On The Floor look
Pixiwoo All Time Product Faves 

I’m sure some if not all of you who visit this blog more regularly or are fond of nearly all things beauty as I am are fully aware of the online phenomenon that is the Pixiwoo Sisters, yes, they’ve become an inseparable unit.  Sam and Nic as they are called both worked as MAC Cosmetics in-house artists for about 7-8 years prior to going freelance.  They began sharing their YouTube videos around 4-5 years ago and their online popularity just shot through the roof.  British girls rush to stores the moment either one of them says a product they hold up to the screen is “bloody good”.  I’m sort of half glad not everything they share is available here.  There’s something about the thrill of product pursuit for me that’s just very, very exciting.




Wayne Goss aka GossMakeupArtist | Channel: | Twitter: @gossmakeupartis (no T at the end)

How to Get Glowing Skin with Makeup –

While he also does makeup tutorials and explains the basics Wayne Goss is also great at tackling the common makeup mistakes the average person might make.  As a professional he also confidently reviews products that work for him as a freelance makeup artist and isn’t afraid to rightly say so when a product sucks.  I was also surprised to find that we both shared some similar makeup techniques.




Michelle Phan | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @MichellePhan

Easy Autumn –,
New Year Glam –

A lot of women my age discovered Michelle Phan 3-4 years ago and many in Asia like myself were glad because she is Vietnamese.  It also helped that we were the exact same complexion.  She was one of the first few vloggers  whose online beauty tutorials totally got noticed because of the level of content with her nifty makeup techniques, her popular use of both drugstore and high-end products, her soft voice, and quirky editing style.  She said her rise to fame happened in waves with each video raking in more views every time ’till finally she couldn’t believe it suddenly some of her videos would hit a million views overnight right just soon after she would upload.  She also topped in YouTube as one of the uploaders with the most subscribers and views ever during that time.


 Anna aka ViviannaDoesMakeup | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @ViviannaMakeup

July 2012 Faves,
Travel Faves 2012

Anna is the most “homey” naturally chill well-versed vlogger I’ve ever come across, I’m almost convinced she’s somewhat related to Lisa Eldridge because of how calm she is.  She’s like still water that ripples when she announces she’s made a haul or new discovery…it’s quite hard to put a finger on but her serenity is most appreciated.  I totally relate to her finds and likes when it comes to skincare in addition to makeup and we’re both pretty laid back when it comes to fixing ourselves.  I also love that once in awhile she does fashion and accessories vids.  We both don’t go too over the top in that sense.


Alix aka icovetthee | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @alixcoburn

Sept 2012 Faves
Summer Look

Alix is so pretty and looks like a human spin-off from Leighton Meester.  Doesn’t she?  She’s got a sense of like Leighton Meester’s baby sister or something.  This girl’s got a bedroom voice and I don’t mean that in a seedy sort of way at all.  She’s another one of those vloggers you could listen to all day, apart from her smooth British accent she’s not too loud and is also quite chill.  She’s young though about 20 or 21 I think?  Which isn’t a bad thing but I do catch a hint of the self-consciousness she has every now and then when she keeps fixing her hair while filming, but other than that her skincare and makeup choices are sound and I like that she has an eye for the way she dresses and sets up for filming.  The videos always look so pretty.  Her blog is eye candy as well.


Jen aka FrmHeadtoToe | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @frmheadtotoe

March 2012 Faves
Naughty & Nice List 2012

I’ve been following and watching Jen’s videos for almost 3 years now.   That’s insane.  How time flies.  I even remember when she didn’t speak much in front of the camera because she was still a bit timid while filming and she was not that popular.   When I first watched her videos she hadn’t been discovered by brands like NYX and Urban Decay, two brands which have featured her because of her frequently using their products in her early tutorials.  Jen is like a fearfully and wonderfully made look-alike of the K-Pop star Sandara as well as that Asian girl in Sucker Punch.  She’s a tiny thing, super petite, she’s 4’11 if I’m not mistaken?  So she has some videos that aren’t about beauty where she talks about her frustrations in style because of her size and shares about clothes, footwear, and even underwear (a very wholesome bra brand feature) that she’s able to get in the right sizes.


Ruth Crilly | Channel: | Blog: | Twitter: @modelrecommends

Faves w/ Mom –
Makeup for Filming –

Ruth is a real, live model and she’s cool, period.  She’s got this semi-stoic vibe about her and a gap-toothed “believe-me-if-you-want to” stamped face.  I like how she takes on a sort of big sister, matter-of-factly, no rubbish tone when it comes to sharing about the products she has in her videos.  Her wry humor gets me laughing out loud by myself and her expertise and experience as a model who is able to try different products leaves me hanging on almost every thing she advises especially when it comes to foundation and skincare…not that I’m a model, but one can sometimes live vicariously.  She’s good friends with Wayne Goss as well as Tanya Burr and the Pixiwoo sisters.  They’ve got their little warm UK YouTube circle going strong.


Fleur aka FleurdeForce | Channel: | Site: | Twitter: @fleurdeforce

10 Things I’d Repurchase (w/ Becky) –
LUSH, Primark, MAC shopping –

Fleur is a happy and very currently successful YouTube Beauty Guru who shares a lot about high street cosmetics, designer fashion items, and luxury brand beauty items.  It’s because of her that I’ve gotten the 2 Shiseido foundations I love.  She’s also quite a fan of Taylor Swift (totes related…).  Her opinions on the products are well communicated and very honest and I like how she cuts in close ups of live swatches during her videos.  She’s just been recently engaged to her boyfriend, Mike, and also recently started a bridal channel with her sister called BrideDeForce.  She travels often to the US and is closely knit with beauty vlogger Ingrid, aka “MissGlamorazzi” on YouTube, who is involved with the super popularUS YouTube music circle with her boyfriend Luke Conard and Alex Goot.  Due to the staggering amount of brands that have shown huge support for her channel Fleur has been featured several times in UK publications and also has AMAZING giveaways like just last Christmas, that don’t just consist of beauty products.  She once in awhile includes a designer bag or wallet, last Christmas she threw in an iPad mini for good measure.




Zoella | Channel: | Blog:| Twitter: @zozeebo

Oct 2012 Faves –
Nov 2012 Faves –
Beauty Haul Nov 2012 –

Zoella is a ray of sunshine and a firecracker.  What a character.  She’s a bright bulb, a launching rocket through your screen.  Zoella is so funny, during many points in her videos I often find myself replaying parts just so I can laugh again.  She’s also a beauty and skincare vlogger but just like Fleur throws in style statements every now and then.  She also talks about anxiety attacks because she often has to recover from them.  She’s done paired videos with Tanya Burr and Tanya’s fiancee Jim Chapman who are also good friends of hers.


Sandra aka 15StepsBlog |Channel: | Site:  | Twitter: @5andra

Top 12 for 2012 –
Oct 2012 Faves –

Sandra is a new American discovery.  Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup recommended her blog and channel.  She’s got a restrained hand with makeup (which I like) but what she wears still picks up on camera.  She’s got the whole neutral look down to an art.  Her cosmetic favorites, both makeup and skincare, tend to be on the steep end when it comes to cost but she obviously knows her stuff because she recently discovered a glycolic  treatment liquid that she claims is better than Alpha H’s Liquid Gold.  I’m referring to a prize liquid treatment containing AHA that women in the UK are super into right now but Sandra claims she found something that works better for her than Alpha H’s version.  Sandra knows her skincare stuff as well as her makeup and I like that she tries out lip products that are not necessarily the sellout shades.

That my dears for now is part of my Lil’ Black Book of Online Beauty for the video department.  Next up, as soon as I can manage it, the second part: beauty blogs that I actually love to READ.

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    wow, Jul♥ it’s like an encyclopedia (do people still know what that word means?) of make-up artists and beauty bloggers… what a spread. reminded me of the beautiful breakfast and lunch buffets at the Metropole Hanoi restaurants. i was so amazed at the artistry, the quality, and the variety of delectable dishes, i didn’t know where to start…and when i did, every bite was a delight.

    these artists who weave magic with their eyes, hands, and hearts, because they have so inspired you, i thank wholeheartedly, too ♥ may our dear God touch them, bless them, and prosper them all even more.

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    such a good way to start the year! some of them i’ve been reading too almost everyday, some are new which i am very excited about. thanks so much for sharing!

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  • I love this! Especially your recommended videos. Looking at the previous commenter’s link to Revel, there is some overlap but that’s not all surprising, given the popularity of these vidders. I look forward to the posts in this series (assuming you weren’t traumatized by your migraine)!