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Around the World in 80 Years | Sam’s Travel Inspired Bridal Shower

On behalf of our side of the family I thought of a somewhat unusual bridal shower concept for my cousin Paolo’s fiancee, Sam.  Together with my Tita Donna (homeschool decorating Mama), Tita Maricel, my mom and other Titas we decided to sweep Sam off her feet with uplifting decor, roadtrip music for journeys (Babalik Ka Rin, Come Fly With Me, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Love City etc.), and travel-related goodies for trips via land, sea, or air.  It just occurred to me that most couples are peppered with loads and loads of stuff they need at home which is excellent, but what about the stuff they need when on their marital adventures or great getaways?  Well, wake up to wanderlust.






L-R: Alex Godinez and Sam Godinez


Pao and Sam were cute on foot but I thought they should soar to new heights so I placed them in the balloon.


Camera 360




Camera 360


I created a rose tinted filter and added it to some of the shots using something like Photoshop (created meaning I filled a top layer with an old rose tint and ticked the Hard Light blend mode for the layer).  Seeing the shots through “virtual” rose tinted glasses adds some “heartwarmth” to them in a way that’s not so obvious.  We’d also like to say a really big thank you to Benefit Cosmetics PH, like on FB here  and Goody hair accessories PH who showed some heartwarming “kikay” support on our special day  for Sam.  Click read more to see all the photos :)






 Camera 360



Camera 360


Camera 360





Sam sat through a not too hot grilling session about my cousin Paolo and passed with flying colors.  We had a wonderful time laughing, eating, and taking snaps of each other.  It was a relevant theme in the sense that Paolo and Sam love traveling everywhere together, they fly out a lot with their families and they often go on roadtrips.  I edited the moodboard above prior to our little event just to share with everyone invited in the Facebook group.  It was to sort of tie in the theme so we that we all had something to guide us.  Travel and Exploration was a pretty loose theme but it made it easier on everyone for preparation (outfits, decors, food etc.) and was quite fun to do.  Thanks for flying with us, have a nice day. :)  Now, where are you off to?




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  • Maricel Panglinan

    i love your blogsite and thanks for sharing about our special time with the family for sam’s bridal shower :)

    tita maricel

  • Monica Santos

    Lovely photos :)

  • Issa

    this is a lovely theme! nice photos!

  • Rica marie

    Super love your blog! You have a good quality of photos :))

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