My Current Haircare Crew | Argan Haircare By Delon & Finesse Clean+Simple

So I’ve run out of whatever haircare I’ve mentioned in the past and have moved on to new stuff, and they’re all locally available and all under Php200 each.    What you’re looking at is not Moroccan Oil haircare.  To END the confusion Moroccan Oil (brand name) is the top selling A-list brand of Argan oil infused beauty products.  This Argan oil infused hair pair is by Delon, a cruelty-free Canadian brand manufactured in Canada.  You can’t go wrong with something manufactured in Canada, that was the birthplace of MAC Cosmetics and you know how high 1st world Canadian standards are.  I know the amber + aquamarine colorway of these ring a bell, yes they contain Argan oil but not by Moroccan Oil.  This rich duo of bargain haircare  impressed me for the price at S&R Pricemart grocery.  The scent of these products is great for upcoming summertime as well, it’s a bright and fresh but not annoyingly zesty Mandarin orange sort of scent with a bit of honey…I think, that’s what comes to mind, anyway.  I can’t confirm if the notes are true orange notes, but they’re certainly citrus.


Key Ingredients: SHAMPOO – Argan Oil & Shea Butter, CONDITIONER – Argan Oil & Jojoba Extract


“Salon quality intensive hair treatment for extreme conditioning requirements.  Our extra rich formula is enriched with argan oil (Argania Spinosa), which comes from the argan tree found in Morocco.  The oil derived from the nut of this tree is extremely nutritious and ideal for strengthening and enhancing dry hair.”

Both the shampoo and conditioner cost  Php129.00 each for a full 354ml each and I like that the bottle is clear enough so you can see how full it is…or eventually how much is left.  I actually think these are sale prices  because off Amazon these By Delon products cost $8 USD each which is about Php320.00, so just be aware of the full price.  The shampoo foams up nicely but not OVERLY so so you know that it’s a milder brand with less chemicals.  I checked and there are no parabens either.  The WINNER for me however is the conditioner, when you apply it you can absolutely feel that it’s a rich, nourishing conditioner that contains natural oil because of the more organic slip when you massage your hair through with fingers.  My pixie hair, short as it is, displays the effects of the conditioner which are added shine and softly hydrated locks.  If you view the ingredients list the Delon conditioner contains more Argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) than the shampoo because Argan oil comes in 4th on the list (which means the conditioner contains a very good amount) while in the shampoo it is 9th on the list.  What’s great for the price as well is  indicated by the “from opening” symbol (beside the bunny) which indicates “36M” meaning it will be good for 36 months or 3 years from opening (and to think it’s paraben-free).  For those with color treated hair, unfortunately the shampoo isn’t SLS free.  I’m using it because I’m quite due for color retouch in a week anyway.  This next shampoo which I use to cleanse is also from the grocery (Makati Supermart Alabang) and this is what I use if I’m maintaining color (when newly retouched) giving my hair and scalp a mild reset.


“Non-irritating, free of allergens, dyes, sulfates, dermatologist tested.”

I was so glad to find this Php188.00 SLS-free shampoo by Finesse at a regular grocery (Makati Supermart), you can also try Rustan’s Fresh or Landmark which may carry this.  The Clean + Simple Hypoallergenic range also has a conditioner, I have it also but it’s not something to rave about, unlike this shampoo.  It’s lightly scented.  It smells clean, like super duper clean (with signature Finesse notes) and just refreshes hair that’s been weighed down by lots of product or other haircare items. so about once a week I use this to give my hair a reset.  I find the Neutrogena cleansing shampoo that everyone knows about quite expensive even though I like it (its great especially if you have a bad case of pool hair) and I just ran out of my color-preserving sulfate-free shampoos which were sent to me in the past by both Pureology and Kerastase.  While I loved those premium quality SLS free shampoos they’re sadly too steep in price and I don’t want to spend BIG money on SLS free shampoos to preserve color when I have pixie hair this short.  It’s just not cost efficient.  This does the job of cleansing and at the same time it’s safe for color treated hair.  So that’s my haircare crew at the moment.  I’ve stepped away from pampering hair masques and expensive OTT treatments just because I haven’t got a whole lot of hair yet.  These do the job for now.

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  • Nel

    ah, so that jar with open lid and a number inside is the expiry date of the product! Gee my nanay and I are wondering about that for years na, but i just can’t think of the right query words to google it.

  • racy

    thanks for the info. finally i found a cheaper shampoo and conditioner that contain argan ois

  • Nice find. I will check it out when I go to S&R. Argan Oil sure is pricey. Thanks for this fab find!


  • kara

    where did you purchases the Delon products?

  • I’m happy to know that there is a shampoo and conditioner with argan oil that is affordable, but sadly its not safe for color treated hair. I heard that argan oil is good, but some brands that offer conditioner with argan oil is pricey.

  • Monique

    thanks for this review. :’)

  • KS

    I just bought the conditioner and I am pretty impressed with how quickly it absorbed into my hair. Most conditioners in the price range simply coat the hair instead of penetrating deep inside. I’m pretty impressed.
    Haven’t tried the shampoo as I already found something that works well for my hair.

  • just bought the product (shampoo, conditioner and oil) yesterday in S&R, it came in a set, price at Php500 something(it was on sale)…had a second thought of buying as the shampoo is not SLS free and I just had Brazilian Blow Dry treatment 2wks ago, but bought it anyway as it’s argan oil, the shampoo is quite alright but the conditioner is impressive, just small amount it covered my shoulder length hair, really felt the smoothness of my hair

  • Wow! Am searching the net for reviews about this product and again, its redirected my search to your blog Ms. Julia. Everytime i wanted to try out something, i always find the review of the product. Nice! I have permed hair, i don’t know if this works also for me but i’ll try! I wanted to give my hair extra care also because its our crowning glory..