The Balm “Hot Mama” Blush | Almost like NARS Orgasm

I recently remembered this because “YouTuber” Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast recently raved about all the different sorts of blush done by The Balm.  I agree with her totally about the textures of the pressed powder products by The Balm (available at Beauty Bar) even their eyeshadows totally rock, they’re velvety but not too crumbly.  I always held back on buying the world famous NARS Orgasm blush simply because of the name, call me a frumpy female if you like, it’s not that I hate it, but I’m sort of sensitive about names, even with cosmetics… because whatever you put on yourself, you irrevocably identify with whether you admit to or not, you don’t have to agree with me but that’s what I strongly believe.  I actually own a Rock &Republic blush in the shade Foreplay but I feel different now bout stuff I buy.  What made NARS Orgasm such a success what how flattering it was on different ethnicities and it wasn’t overtly pink.  I’ll probably end up buying NARS Orgasm when I get married LOL but for now I’ve got a great dupe, not spot on, less intense for about half the price, and it’s locally available 🙂  Meet Hot Mama!




What made NARS Orgasm such a sellout blush was the way it flattered so many skintones.  This Hot Mama blush isn’t an exact dead ringer for Orgasm but it has the same flattering peachy pink shade and an earthy kick with a gold sheen that isn’t annoying.  The NARS Orgasm blush is deeper and a little more pink but I don’t mind because Hot Mama flatters me pretty well.



I thought I had totally lost my love for blushes with shimmer until I met Trace Gold by MAC and now this Hot Mama blush by The Balm.  Both my parents complimented me when I first applied it and said it was sooo nice…which is probably a biased opinion full of love lol, but they’re pretty honest, my Dad doesn’t usually say anything about makeup I put on.  This costs Php776.00 from Beauty Bar, I got mine at the Rockwell boutique.

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  • Ianee

    What lipstick are you wering here? Nice! 🙂

  • I am lucky I got my Nars Orgasm from Closeup SOS kit. I don’t know that it’s expensive. The blush you bought suits you. Looking good, Julia!


  • Another NARS Orgasm dupe would be NYX Pinched. 😀 It’s even cheaper at 400~

  • That’s the Jordana lipstick right? I want it!
    Nice dupe there. I heard ELF has one too.

  • Very chic! I like how natural it is:)

  • Issa

    I’ve been lemming for the NARS Orgasm blush for a long time but it is very expensive. Now, I think I wanna check this blush by the Balm. It looks really good on you Julia! 🙂

  • Lori

    Can you PLEASE tell me what lipstick you are wearing and lipliner too? I LOVE how it looks and would LOVE to try the same color!!