Babyliss CompactYou Styling Iron (Mini) | With ProStyle Fuwarie Styling Mist

Ok, a round of applause for my first heat styling tool for hair ever at a time when I’ve had the… least…amount…of hair…ever, in my grownup life.  So, why now?  I’m planning to grow out my hair once the monsoon months roll in mid-year, yes a time when people don’t visit or see each other.   I saw just the exact thing I needed months back when one of my hairstylist partners, Tricia, was using what was simply a mini flat iron on a more mature client with curly cropped hair. It wasn’t this same one, but something like it.  Both she and EddieMar, my other hairstylist partner (who has only done Leighton Meester, Zac Efron, and Ian Somerhalder when they were here) highly recommended purchasing Babyliss heat styling tools from Landmark.  I was also recently sent Pro Style Fuwarie Straight styling mist, a product used on hair for heat styling.



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This is such a bargain, to begin with it has the dual function of curling and straightening. The length of this mini Babyliss styling iron is about 6.5-7 inches, I don’t have huge hands. What’s great about this is apart from the size it’s voltage ready for either 110 or 220, so you needn’t worry about it short-circuiting on you. It works for both. The catch for a small tool is there’s only an on/off switch, in other words just 1 heat setting…but it heats up in 20 seconds and it’s very hot. I singed my finger when checking ‘coz i didnt believe it would be hot that quick (smart)! I needed a heat styling tool on hand but obviously not a huge one, something smaller that could style or tame hair that’s closer to the scalp, when the grown out hair begins looking horrendous with wispy flyaways etc, I wanted to be sure I was armed during that dreaded IN-BETWEEN stage of growth after summer before the holiday season. Read more to see me test this one out with Fuwarie Styling Mist.

I’m not a hair expert and I’ve never received formal flat iron lessons (LOL) but I did manage to help set up a small salon and manage it for a few months…so I picked up one or two things since then. The ProStyle Fuwarie Mists are available at Beauty Bar for Php450. The way they claim to work is by protecting the hair for heat styling, increasing style longevity, and adding shine. There’s also a lightly fresh fruity scent. Fuwarie styling mist comes in 3 variants, for medium bob blowout styles, for curly styles, and for long, straight styles. The one I used was for straight styling. They can also be used on hair for blowdrying.




You spray Fuwarie on (at a height for more spray coverage) ’til hair is slightly damp and right after that just begin styling! What I always and absolutely want to be rid off is the cowlick wave at the back of my head. It ruins the serenity of my pixie do whenever I wake up or when it resists hair product. So this styling iron and Fuwarie prove to be great allies for those more stubborn bad hair days. Please excuse the overdue regrowth amidst haircolor. I just had my hair completely recolored today after this.




I wasn’t able to roadtest if it adds longevity to the style but I believe it does, question lang is how much humidity can undo the styling work. Fuwarie styling mists are available for Php450.00 at Beauty Bar. The arrival of my bottles of Fuwarie was the cue to find this baby Babyliss iron and who knew it would be on sale?  The most popular Babyliss items available at Landmark now are currently marked down Php500-Php1000 off from the original price.  My Babyliss Compact You Styling Iron, a cutie of a tool, cost me Php1350, its former price was Php1850.

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  • I’m buying those today, pronto!

  • Princess Julia

    I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on the Fuwarie styling mist…a definite must-try!

  • I should of had one of these when I cut all my hair off. Looks like it does an awesome job:)

  • Thanks for the Babyliss tip, I didn’t know they were available locally, much less at sale prices! I’ve been meaning to get a curling iron.

  • Anne

    I also have a babyliss straightener but the tourmaline kind. I use it with fuwarie (air bob) too. I’m having problems because i’ve been wanting to achieve a natural-looking soft straight hair. Any tips? 🙂