Shiseido Naturgo Japan | White Clay Men’s Mild Facial Cleanser

There’s something truly different about Shiseido products from Japan’s drugstore level selection.Β  For one they’re really made in Japan (lol) and more often than not, they work wonderfully.Β 


I scored this Shiseido Naturgo Men’s White Clay Facial cleanser from Hatchin Japanese Grocery for Php275 in Makati (across BDO near vito cruz). Smells pleasant but not overpowering, doesnt make me itch but deep cleanses and foams gently. For oily skin this is good, for dry skin you may need to follow with moisturizer. I personally sense that it doesnt strip my face with harsh chemicals and I’m a normal to sensitive combination type. LOVE.

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  • nel

    We tried to go to their Malate branch and we got lost haha. I didn’t know they have skincare
    products there, and Shiseido pa! Will look for it again next week and bring map too πŸ™‚

  • Desire Loreto

    This is a steal, Ms Julia! For only 275, why not? And it’s Shiseido pa. Too bad I can’t get this coz I think there’s no Hatchin here in Cebu πŸ™

  • nel

    Oohyey, been to Malate, not much skincare products there. My mother and I hauled some Japanese grocery items (katsuobushi, dashi, natto, umeshu, natto!) πŸ™‚

  • I live VERY near Hatchin, but I never go in. I thought they were only selling food. Didn’t know they have toiletries.

    There’s only another japanese store near here. TPE Marketplace at Dela Rosa at the back of makati med. They’re selling (oh, hello!) HADA LABO. They also have Biore stuff (pore pack, sunblock, etc.) I just bought a skin care set from Health Options so I’ll check those out some other time.