Feeling a bit sick, I’ll be well tomorrow | And Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

Hi everyone,

I’m sure you noticed it got quiet AGAIN, sorry for the frequent intermissions from regular programming.  Apart from me focusing on some A1 Driving lessons I started yesterday (my tita’s place being the launchpad) I’ve suddenly been hit with a bad bout of indigestion since last night.  I’m wishing with all my might this stomach spell will clear up by tonight before my 2nd lesson tomorrow.  I threw up a total of 4x since yesterday and the feeling when I consume food is none other than that queasy feeling coupled with clammy hands and cold sweat.  We’re suspecting the yummy Spanish cheese my Tita brought home from Barcelona last night might be the culprit combined with something I ate so for now I’m avoiding direct dairy foods.  I napped through lunch earlier because the vomiting left me very tired then I managed to take some molo soup without it coming back up.  This familiar jar of yum spread on some toast bread and some chamomile tea have also been keeping me filled without upsetting me.  A lot of you have been bursting with praise about this online, so here are my thoughts.


A lot of people seem to be raving about this Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter which comes in original smooth and a crunchy variant with rice krispies.  So just thought I’d show off a bit and let people know I’ve tried some.  Here’s the deal, I mentioned this already on Facebook and I don’t mean to be KJ or non-conformist okayy?!!  Be aware I’ll jump on the bandwagon if I absolutely love something.  I wasn’t WOWED by the Cookie Butter and it hasn’t fallen under the list of holy grail spreads for me.  Like if a whole shelf appeared before me I probably wouldn’t grab 5, I’d only get 1.  I do feel like there is a lot of online hype causing some (not all) people to say stuff like they’re addicted to it and all that, but judging from the flavor I think I know why.  It’s simply creamy and not overly sweet, there’s that subtle gingerbread taste note that doesn’t overpower.  The reason why I prefer this over Nutella is it completely reminds me of Lily’s Peanut Butter WITHOUT the peanuts and it isn’t as sweet.  I’m one of those boring people who finds Nutella too sweet.  You know how Lily’s peanut butter isn’t like regular peanut butter?   There you go, TO ME (I repeat,n you don’t have to agree)  it’s similar in taste to this Cookie Butter.  In short, I like it but I was underwhelmed considering everything I’ve read and heard.  Other people simply say, and they’re allowed to, that this doesn’t taste like anything you’ve ever tried in your entire life.  I’ll be boringly moderate when I say that it did remind me a LOT of Lily’s Peanut butter, and I’m glad that it does without the peanut-ness.  Just thought you guys might want a dose of real life and an HONEST review on something at the very least.  Please yell “no to queasiness” for me and “healing in Jesus’ name!” so I can drive again tomorrow.  I’m driving a manual vehicle by the way.  This Cookie Butter used to be available on TasteCentral.com and DealGrocer released a promo for it last week but they were out of stock last I looked.  If you can’t get it from there ask it as pasalubong from the US or find one of those local stockists who’ve begun importing this talk of the town spread.

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  • Me too, didn’t really find it OMG-worthy. Just like Magnum…

  • I’m sorry to hear you’re sick!

    Like you, I find Nutella too sweet. But I happen to love Lily’s Peanut Butter in all its sweet glory. :p Will eventually get around to trying TJ’s Cookie Butter, but right now I don’t believe the hype it’s generating and I’m happy to see honest reviews like yours.

  • Issa

    Oh, get well soon Miss Julia! Thank you for this honest review.

  • She

    Same here, I find Nutella and Lily’s peanut butter too sweet. 🙂

  • Joy Dumlao

    I heard that this is also available in Milky Way.

  • Desire Loreto

    Sad to know you’re sick Ms. Julia. Get well soon 🙂 I must also agree with you, Nutella is too sweet for my taste. I appreciate your honest reviews about anything, and that’s what the readers need the most. Thanks Ms. Julia. I rather go for regular peanut butter sold in the local markets 🙂

  • I’ve been a secret reader of your blog and I really love how you express your views. Get well soon Ms. Julia! 🙂

  • Nel

    What a Mind-boggling, head-spinning description, peanut butter without the peanuts, (o_o) but after some research about speculoos cookie, it made clear sense to me. I hope I can get to try that, or Lotus Biscoff.

  • Hi there, i hope you won’t mind me posting here. we’re selling Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter (original/crunchy) , along with other Trader Joe’s products. Please check our webpage