Make Up Store Makeup! – A Look with Lipstick & Cybershadow

This brand, Make Up Store, reminds me a lot of…INGLOT or even the in-house selection of Sephora for some reason and they’re now available here at the 2nd level of Podium mall in Ortigas.  It’s the whole shebang put together, pro quality products, minimalist packaging, great pigment and tons and tons of shades to choose from for a mid-range price.   The Make Up Store’s products aren’t cheap but they won’t break the bank either.  It’s a reliable brand to begin a pro kit with if you’re considering a makeup career or course but can’t afford having a buffet of MAC or Make Up For Ever products at your disposal.  I recall being in one of the Make Up Store’s huge boutiques in Singapore over a year and a half ago and I was overwhelmed.  I nearly walked out with a color corrector/concealer but I was saving my pocket money for something else in Duty Free that time.


MAKE UP STORE Cybershadow in “Golden” Php899.00 and sheer lipstick in “CRISP” for Php 1049.00, MAKE UP STORE PODIUM- (02) 654 5533



The textures and pigment of the products they sent me are good, the eyeshadow is a satin with a hint of a duochrome effect (a peachy coral with gold or a rose gold) the lipstick is a sheer but pigmented high shine finish which applies looking different from the lipstick bullet as you’ll see in awhile.


The packaging is lovely and feels sturdier than MAC cosmetic packaging.  You have the brand name embossed or pressed on both.  My only minor complaint is the eyeshadow has quite a bit of fallout pigment when you use a brush, but it performs similarly anyway to Urban Decay eyeshadow shades which also have quite a bit of fallout.  Read more to see me try these products on.

The MAKE UP STORE single Cybershadow in “Golden” is a very pretty rose gold shade with a hint of a peach undertone.  What I love is the satiny sheen it has, there isn’t a sparkly fleck of shimmer anywhere but it’s luminous enough to highlight the inner corner.


Camera 360

Brow Product: K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyebrow Duo, Mascara: L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara (U.S.)

The thing I was blown away by was the fact that you don’t necessarily need a 2nd shade if you want to highlight.  The color Golden has a lot of dimension in spite of it’s subtle satin finish.  Now onto the lipstick which was a surprise for me.  I’m sure the lipstick range of the MAKE UP STORE comes in different finishes, this one is a sheer berry that looks awfully different from the bullet when applied on the lips.  It’s slightly deeper in real life than here in the photo.  It’s really a sheer berry, the reason also why it’s looking slightly milky is I applied concealer over my lips first because I wanted to see its true tint without my lips’ natural color interfering.  The middle photo is closest to the shade in real life.

Camera 360  MUSTORE_06

What’s obvious right away is the pretty high shine finish that isn’t too greasy and is very soft on the lips.  It’s also very pretty when blotted out.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Again product cost for Cybershadow in “Golden” Php899.00 and the sheer lipstick in “CRISP”  is Php 1049.00.  The MAKE UP STORE team had to be patient with me when it came to putting up this post, thanks, ladies.  You may have noticed my life’s been a bit topsy-turvy the last week and a half between driving lessons, preparing stuff for my brother’s school transfer and my own multiple visa application (whoops…I haven’t mentioned where I’m going have I) which is why I’ve kind of been lagging in blogging.  Rest assured that as soon as all these things in my life are set in place…my driver’s license, visa approval etc. things should get back to normal around here and be way less boring (espcially, since I’m flying out somewhere God willing, YES, more on that, soon) !  I also have something very important to announce…clue…it has to do with a whole bunch of you meeting me in person :).  Follow the MAKE UP STORE Philippines Facebook page here to stay in the know and get updates from them!

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  • Arlene

    your skin looks more radiant now 🙂 love the makeup! btw, what did you use on your eyebrow?

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    I love this makeup look! <3 what was your foundation here? Your skin looks amazing!